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  1. holly

    Marriage suits you. You're glowing!

  2. Kevin & Esther

    I love a iced vanilla chi latte w only 3 pumps of vanilla!

  3. Lars Anderson

    Miss Keemi please make a burping video compilation of you please i wanna hear your cute burps.

  4. Leanna Reichl

    I miss your recipe mukbangs.

  5. Herneet Khabra

    Iced Grande hazelnut latte
    Add 3 classic syrup
    Breve ristretto
    If hot ask to stir well
    Add one more classic if venti

  6. Vanlalruati Ralte

    Omg keemi we have same slipper or what u say sandal,flipflop?? Anyway that adidas slipper its so comfortable to put on 😊😊

  7. Carne Guisada

    Queen of having thighs

  8. Montae Thornton

    you be eating good

  9. Dom Noe

    Does hugging ame feel like hugging a cloud☁☁

  10. aleka

    “I lob u.” AHHH just how he said it lmao 😂

  11. Lisa Benally

    Curious, you said to get the "bad blood out"??? I fractured my left foot in 2 places and had bad bruising, as well as my knee.

  12. Lisa St. Andre'

    Hi Keemi,can you do a tutorial on how to use chopsticks?!🤗 Thank you for all of your great videos…

  13. Letoria Bennett

    Same here the movie didn’t feel like 3 hours and I did cry😔💞

  14. missbri356

    I really do enjoy when you do these mukbang vlogs

  15. Jenna Z

    Girl you have to check out Les Pho Or Pho 888 in Argyle, Tank around here is known for being trash/for non Asians lmfao

  16. Apple *

    I absolutely love you guys!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Horrorgasm

    what breed is Amen (i hope you write it that way LUL) again..

  18. 서초동 까칠이 kkachili

    게보다~ 게밥?볶음밥? 그거 넘 맛있어보여요!!

  19. Abby Lu

    I wish Keemi and Dong will have a cute fat baby asian soon <3 such a cute couple <3

  20. Naraa

    Anyone who misses the mukbangs leave a ❤️

    It’s been a month without a mukbang😭💔

  21. kxmxnxl

    keemi be looking like hyori in the thumbnail ❤️

  22. Amy Helena

    Hi from Australia!! ^__^ Loving your mukbang vlogs sooo much! I find them so relaxing

  23. Mia Williams

    Are y’all expecting?!… you are glowing and so cute and you look a tad bit different in the face!!!… forgive me if I’m wrong!!!???…

  24. malleysmama

    Hey Keemi Would love to know what lip color you’re wearing it’s so natural and pretty💜 Pls share💜

  25. sebastien foster

    so refreshing and warm hahaha you made me cry

  26. frances gb

    can u get copyrighted with what u r watching on the tv

  27. frances gb

    whats the name of her bg music every time she cooks? 7:30 SOMEONEEEEEEE TELL MEEEEEEEE

  28. Ravnos Giovanni

    Came for the toes. Did not disappoint.

  29. Mad Mochi

    T H I C C

  30. Amelia Pouli

    You should try pink drink

  31. waks TD

    Dong to Keemi: I love you…

    Me: **melted**

    Shooo schweeet… ☺❤😘

  32. Lu Lu

    Just my little curiosity! Which one is more comfortable for you to speak, korean or english? No offense, i hear you have an accent when you speak English! I love that btw lol

  33. Rachel K

    You look sooo tan

  34. Rachel K

    Do you and Dong ever get tired of each other?

  35. Kit Kit

    Ame is so cute when he was playful

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