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  1. Detomaso Pantera

    So we can't eat:
    Red meat
    White meat
    Anything with white flour
    Deli meats
    We're screwd….
    So we're left with ramen noodles😂
    Hey… they're cheap!!

  2. cloudy melon

    Put the sources in the description if you really want me to believe this.

  3. Patricia Wa Isaac

    Everyone eat the Word from Bible and you will live safe.

  4. Swissgarde Consultant

    Thank you for sharing this video on cancer causing food. I'll use your message in my next video on Herbs That Cures Cancer

  5. Nothing Free

    don't eat eggs because they come out of a chickens azz!😀

  6. Nothing Free

    if drink and drive wear seatbelt!😀

  7. Nothing Free

    when eating pizza or hamburgers spit out the cholesterol! 😀

  8. Nothing Free

    smoke only healthy cigerettes😀

  9. Arthur Hubbard

    Now I know the food industry is all about profit. Everything in the market is harmful to your health.."EVERYTHING".😒

  10. Annoya

    Damn. Thats my entire list of food choices right there.

  11. Mikayla R

    wtf do i eat then

  12. Chenpeng Lin

    For salmon, that goes the same for all livestock, they mass produce for profit. That’s why u go organic pasture raised meats

  13. Jenny Mao

    Wow! almost everything we eat causes Cancer lol ! 😬

  14. Sima D

    first time I heard that salmon is not healthy……….really, don't know what to eat.

  15. HandfisH100

    Having seen what the farmed salmon look like when diving in the pens, l never eat it anymore, & l could get it for free!

  16. HandfisH100

    Microwaved food drops your white blood count by 40% according to Drs. who tested themselves over a period of time.

  17. Harley Davidson

    farming salmon in Japan is good to keep the fish not no eat toxin foods like wild salmon!!

  18. Jozsef Kajtar

    U full of shit.

  19. Rogie Cadiente

    The American food industry is killing Americans slowly. So sad!

  20. Rose Asghar

    For god sake!..what we gonna eat now in order to stay safe……? almost everything is unsafe to eat. What else to consume to feed our hungry stomach?
    There are too much informations that scares people.

  21. Ruding Cutler

    Wat potatos i have eaten frence fries

  22. Sacred Gamer

    Microwave popcorn doesn’t cause cancer XD


    I believe it comes from something ocult that hates human beings and human life and everything we stand for, it will get worst. This to you HUMAN HATERS, you can NOT stop the flow of life, you have no control over that, you can only make a fortune by what you sell. Prescribing slow death to humams to make it not obvious you know.

  24. Maurice Marian

    Wonder is spring water and fresh air bad for you

  25. F S

    There is only one way for these companies to stop poisoning us, i.e. boycott their products and consume way less. Buy only organics and support organic farming. Too much greed is what's causing all the mass productions and the insatiable appetite by consumers.

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