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  1. Nico

    Millions and billions gone into cancer research and they still want to burn..slash and poison.

  2. Jan Emily

    Is Ghilaine Maxwell hiding out in the mid-West? Maybe those drones are Hillary's.

  3. EnergyFlux2012

    Nice work, as always, Jordan. Keep up the good fight.

  4. t. Chanman

    Justin, when are u gonna see the world as it is? Who the hell are these people you say cause all these problems?? Can u not recognize patterns???? Every fucking time it's the same thing!

  5. Gambino Joshua

    Man made, assembled in China

  6. N Fisher

    Don’t mistake the essence as being superlative. Your role is not by the heavens but for the heavens. Do not pretend a deception.

  7. Matt & Shadow

    A witness said The drones performance & flight characteristics "far exceeds normal drone performance in speed & maneuverability." I'll bet they're not man made. Federation.

  8. Steve Parker

    You are considered to have survived cancer if you are free for 5 years. Of course, when it comes back stronger very quickly afterwards, survival isn't so easy. After 5 years, then any cancer that is detected is considered a new cancer, so the figures for survival are not necessarily that true

  9. Charles Marquardt

    Speaking of AG Barr and his "Perfect Storm" of errors BS looks like he is in on the cover up as well and now this preliminary noise on JH ….. I don't know ….. Is anything really going to happen to the Clintons and all the other swamp things ? will any of the big names in the sealed indictments get unsealed ? I don't know …….

  10. Cary Anne T

    Why does Q go unchallenged? Maybe the attacks on Q are staged to make the psyop believable. Both sides working together for the same goal – they "plant" the seeds and "we" make it grow. Epstein is gone – we will never know what happened – all that matters is what "died" with him. Notice how we slide easily into what they want us to focus on?


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  12. Mimi B

    What's the Clinton foundation really hiding?

  13. Nathan Bennett

    So Eyethespy aka Mr.E wasnt a larp as you accused him of being…your the $$$ pay,triot. Shill.

  14. Mickey Robinson

    There have been no leaks!!!!
    Drones are moving west across Colorado, they were seen over Ft Collins last week or so.

  15. William Demmon

    Excellent breakdown!….. Q sent me

  16. Rya N

    We found out Ann was a sleeper cell for Hillary awhile ago I thought

  17. Dani

    The war powers act only pertains when we are at war which the last time was WWII. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Ashcanistan etc etc et. al were not nor are wars. Matt knows what he's doing, he's onboard, he hasn't turned. Think of it as giving the commie dems more rope to hang more or themselves. Good times! Taking out Soleimani was not an act of war, period, end of story!

  18. TheSeventh Son

    Dan Bongino with Mark Levin interview @ 36.00 exact. Mentions Q. Awesome.

  19. Snapper

    G'day mate accent good. (Just drop the s, it's g'day mate not g'day mates). Then good to go!

  20. J WTFUW

    EVERYTHING is connected, it's Crazy ppl.

  21. cédric camman

    These people are stupid.

  22. Dee Boso

    Jordan Have you seen the woman live tweeting how you are a shill, that you are deep state ass hat, that she knows that you are a shill, she is ranting and raving….if I come across again I will get her name or tweeter…I do not know how to capture and send….

  23. DragonAquarius

    Gaetz has reasonable explanation for his vote


  24. Michael NightSong

    Hey bro, met and hung out at the ECETI fire pit… the flutemaker, remember? Anyhoo, I wrote a song that I think you'll get a kick out of bro. Check it out… and come make a flute sometime!

  25. Penelope

    Q! Me! KristMasLifestyle.wordpress.com
    I got the truthhhhh yyyeaahhh bravo me

  26. Boomer1941 noname

    I read 20-30 years ago MUFON had been infiltrated by Project Blue Book and the CIA for intelligence gathering.

  27. James Page

    Black Rock technically owns 6.54% of Gaia TV. David Icke talks lot about Saturn and you can't get any more symbolic about Saturn than Black Rock

  28. Amber Dance

    Thanks for addressing Matt Gaetz. I have a feeling he is under the influence of blackmail. Oddly, he literally grew up in one of the Truman Show's houses. And, he's got a bit of a shady past. I don't entirely trust him. His vote to limit President Trump – at this crucial time when he was absolutely justified in his actions – is a massive red flag.

  29. Flo Higgins

    Correct its all fake news. Your analysis of the Washington Post articleis spot on👍

    I can't stand Kim. com

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