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  1. High Carb Hannah

    ★ Get started on your weight loss journey with my free Weight Loss Cheat Sheet!

  2. Yoda Ydyxz

    Stupid fucking dumb fucks

  3. ame b

    Can fit bit calculate how many calories I burn in the day? I really want to know because I want to go into a caloric deficit. Anyone know?? <3

  4. drac464

    I agree with you about being hungry all the time and nutrient deficient. I feel the same and I’m over weight. I always feel like I need a huge salad. My friends kids are always hungry and they are little girls..I know they are growing but I see how they eat and thought the same if they’d eat more fresh veggies they’d eat less. They eat spaghettios and hot pockets on the regular.

  5. dale deem

    Lick my hairy balls

  6. Wilaiporn Phromthet

    4:31 Result

  7. Jennifer Ramirez

    What time of the day do you drink this

  8. Mari R

    This is what I've been doing for a week so far now. Recommended by a nutritionist. Very good! I feel good.
    Green smoothies ⬇⬇
    2 asparagus
    1/2 green apple
    1 handful of spinach
    8 ounces of water
    2 celery strips

    1 nopal
    2 celery strips
    1 handful of spinach
    8 ounces of water
    1/2 green apple

    Give it a try!

  9. Aina Ah

    I mixed with green apple then it turns great taste 😊

  10. irisdrewlove

    You were not obese at 190 but definitely over weight.

  11. Glenn Iversen

    Ny SIBO is almost gone after 15 Months of strait celeryjuice 16 oz on empty stomach every morning + hmds-smoothie.

  12. Shawn T

    I don’t like the taste

  13. Heather P

    I can't believe you were ever obese! You look great!!

  14. Dazzii-Delta Bravo

    Celery is amazing but tbh it made me shit through te ee of a needle, so I can understand wy it's a weight loss solution, my insides have been hollowed out lmao 😅

  15. FLgirl

    How long should you wait, after drinking the celery juice, to eat your next meal ?

  16. Satine Luso

    Ginger lemon parsley celery cucumber

  17. Juanita Brown

    Day 1 celery juice. I'm going for the challenge!! 😁

  18. Neil Fernandes

    It really works i lost 11kg in 1.5month
    N i feels so good now
    Thank u somuch

  19. Nakiah

    I used to overeat all the time until I got my iron in check so you are soo right

  20. guessowii

    Thanks for the info, ans you are very beautiful by the way. Great skin

  21. Mark Collins

    To heal my gut I used celery purple cabbage and cucumber juice every morning for about 4 and a half months and it stopped all my problems but I was in pretty bad shape I had an ulcer I would wake up in the middle of the night with acid coming up my throat choking me if I ate one slice of a jalapeno I would be in a lot of pain. I had constant heartburn and acid reflux throughout the day but after them four and a half months all them problems have went away. I can eat all kinds of hot Pepper's, Sriracha Etc. But I should also mention when I did that juicing I went to a plant-based diet and still on it a year later. Good luck and I hope you healed your gut.

  22. Mave Jn Baptiste

    Its delicious

  23. Oscar S

    Pretty girl me swoon!

  24. AZ SUN

    Everything you state is exactly why anti vegans are anti vegan. You are destroying your health. My entire family was obese. YOU GAVE UP THE WRONG FOODS. YOU'VE DEPLETED YOURSELF. LISTEN TO YOURSELF. LISTEN TO PAST VEGANS COMING OUT

  25. AZ SUN

    So instead of eating a steak, you keep eating a ton of veggies which aren't obviously feeding you. Yea…YOUR GUT NEEDS ANIMAL FATS AND SO DOE YOUR HORMONES. LOW FAT HIGH CARB IS WHAT'S CAUSING YOUR PAIN

  26. Khen M.

    In the last picture she cheated, she wearing different clothes in it, pretty sure she didn't notice any difference that's why😂

  27. Brandi Maddox

    Okay so my cake loving fat ass started the celery juice today and I swear to you after one day I’ve passed the candy jar all day and been like nah I’m good

  28. Kaeli Noel

    Haven’t tried it yet but I’m starting tomorrow now!

  29. Tobias

    Do you live in a Tiny House?

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