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  1. Miss Frugivore

    Inspiring video, thank you!

  2. Ellen B

    Encouraging!! Good work!! OMG the socializing is such a big key, I don’t go out to bars and restaurants. When I go to outdoor concerts and my friends are wasted it’s just weird, they don’t remember what we talked about the next day.

  3. Ddalu5

    Dude I can relate on so many levels, what a great video! Glad ur through the hard part already and it only gets better 👌👌👌💯

  4. Scott Beavers

    @jeffjuices – about how much sleep do you get every night?

  5. Vegan Heart

    Outstanding! Great to here you are doing so well…
    Those of us on the road to Wellville know it is a hard road to travel!

  6. Amy Berkey

    Loved your video, I want friends who are on the same path. I think that's one of the missing links in my story. I am a drug/ alcohol/ food addict. I havent used drugs for 12 years thanks to a 12 step program, but I still struggle with alcohol and food. And struggling I mean I get between a year to a week sober and then try it again. I recently lost 90 pds with a 12 step food program. I was 249 pds and am down to 160, I fluctuated between 160 and 170. I had to stop the food program because I became hypo glycemic and had no energy, and dizziness. Also I hated eating meat 3 to 3 times a day. So I'm trying to do mostly raw vegan, and I struggle because I am an addict. I have some really successful days and some really hard days. I'm scared I'm going to gain my weight back and the health issues associated with the weight gain. But honestly I dont like salads, I live fruit, juices and smoothies, nice cream made of just bananas. But I dread eating the salads. And I feel like that's what derails me most the time. So I'm interested in the fruitarian thing you mentioned. Do you really get all the nutrients you need this way. Apparently you do, you look amazing and I see the energy pouring out of you. Anyway dont know why I just wrote my life story out for you. But you have inspired me and I will be following you.

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