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  2. MJ mxxnwalk

    Truth is I have a problem from my bad eating habits ): i keep going out to eat fast food every single day when i come home from work it like your killing your own body 😔 you don’t have enough energy for your health eating too much sugar as well like soda, candies other bad junk foods and fast foods including your acne will come back from your unhealthy skin. i guess i was feeling unhappy 😞 and doesn’t have any strength from my body my weakness is fast foods and junk foods 😢

  3. Ananya saah

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  4. Nia Wesley

    Thank you Corrina!

  5. Essential Advantages

    Great video! I love raw food desserts! https://youtu.be/pSqKjyrfqIY

  6. Amna firdous

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  7. Shamil Hasanli

    1 like = 1 day without junk food!! I really need some motivation

  8. AM Maurya

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  10. Baing

    Thank God I hate fizzy drinks!
    But I also love lipton and fuze tea so that doesn't help-

  11. Jovissi

    She looks like regina gorge

  12. John Hudnell

    you just need the skinny gene like this lady,,,i wasn't born with it lol

  13. Gourav Gawri

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  14. There, I said it!

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  16. Rico Lettieris

    You don't have to overcomplicate things to lose weight, it's not that hard. Just pick a plan and follow it. In my case, I found a weight loss plan online and I do exactly what it says, so far it works amazingly! You got it, just be consistent! 😉

  17. Garfit Gar

    Specialist sports nutrition yes we can eat better

  18. sweet princess

    satisfied videos🙈🙈😌😌it helps a lot for my healthy tips..thank u

  19. Elizabeth muigai


  20. Firsttimegettindunkkindanervous

    I weight 112 and my goal is 95 or lower within this month cuz my eating habits are horrible

  21. Cee CeeReviews

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  23. Arish Zeeshan

    3:23 your smarter

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