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  1. Sharmin Malik

    I love your recipes!!
    Can you make some on snacks??

  2. Linas cooking

    Thank you! Beautiful and delicious!

  3. Pacificrest Health

    Looks delicious 👍💜💙💚❤


    Once again you’re the Best 👍👌🏻

  5. abid vlog


  6. Michael Silk

    Those chicken breasts are way more than 4 oz. They are about 6 oz.

  7. 人在路上

    Healthy & Delicious!!

  8. Nelsy Rodriguez

    A mi me encantan tus recetas. Well done, love you ❤😍😘🤗

  9. Nicole

    All the food that I have been watching you cooking looks so delicious 🤤 but I honestly do wanted to know some ideas 💡 of lintels as a healthy meals

  10. Janelle LaBossiere

    what cut is the "lean beef" ?

  11. Home H

    Can you make some healthy desserts plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😊

  12. Grace Lopez 92955Grace

    Thanks for this delicious recipes always say beautiful hands

  13. Mertcan Kuru

    Pancake recipes pls

  14. Amina Amina


  15. Haroon Mother

    This is amazing 😍 yummy 😋 yummy 😋 yummy 😋😍 I love it 😍 thanks 😘❤️💕🥀😘❤️

  16. Jappy jp

    in the first recipe what should be the flame ?? high low medium or variation

  17. DouniaDona

    Simple et concis 😮🙏

  18. Slava

    I have a question. What do you do if you for example need just 1 tsp of greek yogurt? How do you store the rest?

  19. Purabi Golder

    Make a video on keto recipe.

  20. سها التوني

    ممكن يتعمل برامج عربي من فضلك

  21. Reffa Anindya Putri

    What is Tahini,, can i change with another ingredient,, thank you for your all recipes,, ❤️ 🙏

  22. Sa Zamel

    my absolute favorite videos + channel!! Seriously helps a lot…

  23. moon egypt


  24. Salad.ch菜饗 namotenashi

    yumyum 😀

  25. Saga Allame


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