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  1. ADF 10

    I'll guarantee +95% of people in the comments didn't know you could grate an egg! 😂

  2. Muntaha Altaf

    I'm not kidding my stomachs' growling

  3. Miss Lolly

    Finally someone use cucumber not zuchini


    good 💜💛💚

  5. Doreta Fermeli

    Well done guys!!!

  6. 宋怡瑾


  7. paul lubanga

    Egg and tuna healthy? For loosing weight…. Cmon bro stop lying!!

  8. Jennie Golosino

    I love all this video.. special SA mga salad make it's very easy..

  9. Kelleymarie Jones

    Instead of mayo which grossed me out, try plain yogurt with made with seasonings.

  10. saydah saeed

    I got chills when you boiled that chicken breast.

  11. Marius Costinas

    unless you plan on spending 2 hours in the gym…nothing with Egg and Mayo is intended for "weight loss"

  12. José Nascimento

    Aí galera! Como chama essa massa que é usada para enrolar?

  13. sam khan

    Thanks i need pasta salad and potato salad for diets

  14. Rahila Khan

    thank you sooo muchh for sharing these wonderful receipes.

  15. Windysaint

    Yummy 😋

  16. ram rakesh

    Oo wow I love these recipies I will have 5 of each for lunch dinner and breakfast

  17. ram rakesh

    I am 1st time to this channel but a free tip for you.. No body cares for your cutting techique.. So you can skip that part and make a video within 5 min so that more people will watch when it pops up on their wall like I did

  18. Islom Abdukarimov

    Juda zor gap yoq

  19. Ekaterina Studio Sosno

    Вот это я понимаю))) шаурма здорового человека.

  20. meriem belkass

    Thank you so much.these are great options for the fasting days of ADF:alternate day fasting.

  21. Soul Glow

    the music 🙉

  22. Mako TRG

    Lose weight lol I wish I could gain some weight lol

  23. S. Hindy

    All I can say is zaankha!!!!

  24. Ahmed Baig

    Great ideas

  25. NiroNicks

    How To Lose Weight 101:

    1. Stop hoping that you can eat whatever you were eating before and still lose weight.
    2. Stop watching youtube videos.
    3. Stop consuming carbs.
    4. Go to the gym 3 times a week.
    5. Be patient.

  26. Peter Strianus

    Horrible music

  27. GRocvidz

    You've earned a subscribe. The fact you went out of your way to provide the calorie count is tops. Oh yeah and the wraps look tasty.

  28. Makhni G

    Remove inner stuffing of bread roll

  29. G L I T C H 神秘的な

    I need to gain 10 kilos but it’s so hard uh I that everyone can gain weight so easily :((

  30. Katy Gonzalez

    Omg i love to see all the videos you have you doing an amazing job thank for this.

  31. YTB Cancer PL

    Mój stary raz dał do wrapa starty naskórek z pięt zamiast parmezanu i było całkiem dobre.

    Eng: Cool video!

  32. Nuz Atif

    Which cheese is good for weight loss?i love cheese but m scared of gaining weight as i m already over weight😔

  33. Wim M

    When food looks good, it’s going to be delicious 🤤
    Thanks very sharing this video.

  34. flea star

    I want to eat and dance because of this video 😂 good choice of music 🎶👍🏽

  35. Riz Abir

    Good recepie I ll try

  36. Ilixs_t_11

    You can’t eat bread if ur trying to loose weight

  37. preya gurl

    I love these ideas…school will start next week and I will definitely prepare this

  38. Maria Da Silva

    Muy riquísimas😋👏🏻👏🏻

  39. Myra Cabarles

    I came here because I wanna start a business. Wish me luck🍀🙏🏻

  40. Anjali Baktha


  41. Terrae Spiritus

    Are the calories really accurate? Because when I calorie-counted each of the food items in each of the recipes….It added to more. I'm confused 😕

  42. Ash Pikachu

    My tortilla is made out of spinach.

  43. Paul John

    Well this video would normally make me very hungry but luckily i had McDo's right before watching 😃😃😃😃👍

  44. Faith E

    Thanks for making my breakfast easy.Ready to loose weight🤗🤗🤗😗

  45. ŁakiCzaki


  46. Eleonora_ 03

    1:44 Italy!🇮🇹💪🏼♥️

  47. healthy food

    hey i have found keto diet and it help a lot you can follow me on my you tube


    What is tuna

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