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  1. Criticalbench



  2. Loom Leopard06

    I love this workout 🏋️‍♀️ thank you 😊

  3. Sumermak

    I’d love to know the music titles you used for this video.

  4. Normalin Mcdonald

    Brilliant!! Its tough but I did it. Thank you coach x

  5. Colin Smith

    Soooo sexy coach……

  6. R P

    Great tips from a great coach..you rock Brian

  7. GI Rabelo

    thank you! happy new year!!!!!

  8. Saikiran Satarasi

    Hey @brian, that was one of the best HIIT workout I have ever seen…Thanks a lot mate for making this new year special💥💥

  9. Kayak Maccaz


  10. RK calisthenics work out channel

    Hello Brother HNY😁😄

  11. Yeli

    Started the year motivated! Bring it!

  12. Chikah Oishii


  13. Wilma

    Coach Brian…loved it!!! So intense…thank you for sharing you workouts. ❤👍

  14. bzy a

    Love these simple but brutal workout! Keep it coming!

  15. RazorFriendly

    How often can you do this workout? I'm changing up my routines and trying to rethink how I do my workouts now that I'm in my late 40's. I'm just wondering if this is one you can do every day as a warm up before doing upper body exercises. Great vid btw.

  16. Real_Slim_Shady

    How much strength effective is this?

  17. Richard Waring

    Awesome content….giving this a shot today!

  18. l Wallace

    Jeezus. I was tired watching this. But I’ll try it

  19. Yahsbeauty

    Hey Coach! This is a fab workout! I am 60 years young getting back into an HIIT program after some down time of illness plus injury! Thank you for sharing this! My stamina needs a boost but I will stay at it. I have 25 pounds to lose! 😁💕

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