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  1. Mike Sause

    Good one, I am always looking for good stretches and have been doing a routine from physical therapy 18 months ago when I was rehabbing a herniated disc, will work these in as well 😎

  2. Franco

    Hi, my name is Franco.
    Very good video I'm going to implement your tips to complement my current activities.

    I suffered from pains in the neck and lower back, it was to spend many hours sitting studying and working in the same chair. I have been trying chiropractors and some pain medication, they helped but they were very expensive. I found this program satisfactory enough. http://@t
    I was extremely skeptical but trying one more thing was not difficult. Today I have forgotten my discomfort, I hope you can also get them out of your life because it is frustrating when it doesn't work! Cordial greetings.

  3. jennifer peterson

    Love this! That's why I do yoga several times a week! Less injuries!

  4. Andrea Cotter

    This was great! Thank you.

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