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  1. Yoga With Christina - ChriskaYoga

    Hi, yogi friends👋!! I really hope this Yoga for Herniated Disc helps to relieve your pain! As always, please work with caution. 💕

  2. Eve Mcardle

    So much pain doing these

  3. Eve Mcardle

    Very easy if you have a healthy back if not your sxrewed

  4. nipun varshney

    Can herniated disc be cured permanently or not pls rply

  5. Bubba Ho-Tep

    I had a L5S1 disc rupture with a tear. Now I have disk narrowing. Would this help me get loose, and possibly start getting a little strength in my back? If not strength, could you please recommend one of your videos that could. Once I get my back use to stretching i mean. Thank you for any response. Have a great day.

  6. Melissa Marquardt

    Oh, on a side note – Just wanted to give you a head's up that the form on your landing page when clicking your "CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH YOGA FREE GUIDE" link in the description seems to be broken. The "Address" field is cut off/overlapped by the button so it won't let you enter that in, so when you try to submit it without that, it just says, "There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again." Just wanted to let you know in case you didn't. 🙂

  7. Melissa Marquardt

    Hi Christina – Do you know if this routine would be ok for people who also have a bulging disc in the neck? Enjoyed this video, thanks. 🙂

  8. Queen Dinah

    Hi Christina, would it be bad to do this in the morning?

  9. SiiN

    First time I've tried yoga I've got a herniated disc and spinal stenosis i really enjoyed it video I hope it help , thanks !

  10. abc

    My physio advised me to not arch my back due to the bulging disc issue. What can I do different? Also, is there a way to increase the space or decompress the disc?

  11. Judith Mosen

    If you have a herniated disc, sitting cross legged is a no go

  12. Dejanara Mangiameli

    I have an L5-S1 herniation and have been wanting to do a light yoga routine to build up my back and core. This video is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for to incorporate into my daily routine. Thank you for such excellent, healing content! My sciatic pain has receded already after one session.

  13. lycan gypsy priest

    Very good..video.thank you.Prescribed..🎋

  14. Niels Herregodts

    Thank you. Helps alot

  15. Stephen Ballard

    Nice to see that most of the exercises are ones that I’m seeing recommended by physical therapists!
    This is an easy series to do every morning

  16. Nicole Huber

    Can these stretches work for a lumbar straine

  17. Nicola O'connell

    First time in months with little pain because of your video. Thankyou so much x

  18. Myrna Figueroa

    Thank you🙏

  19. Lashona Byrd

    I really enjoyed this yoga with you. I have a back injury. The pain never goes anywhere. However I am making the best of it by yoga, exercising, and meditating through the pain. I just want to thank for this video to help with my pain. Keep smiling.

  20. Vicky Bhandari

    thank you dear….. i will try it and tell u result soon…. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  21. Tristan Stephen

    hey, did the video and enjoyed it. by back feels loose, and I will definitely redo this video.

  22. fuzzykittypurrs

    I just did my first class today. Thank you! I already feel some relief, looking forward to more lessons with you. namasta

  23. salman abu alsameed

    Thank you

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