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  1. Eramshaikh Eram

    How to increase our brest size plz suggest us

  2. mohamed Iqbal

    Dear I asked already a remedy for dark circles but yet u didn't upload iam waiting dear

  3. Hareem Fatima

    v v v v nice glow pink thnx

  4. Haji Tariq

    What about thyroid patients and ovary cyst both same time iam femal age30 weight 70height 5,3 in home give some suggestion with sciatica pain also muje bhook bahut lagti he

  5. keerthi keerthi

    Osm vdeo…superb

  6. sheela Sancy

    #1. Drink a lot of water
    #2. Eat more protein more rich food for breakfast ( eggs ,, cottage cheese , chia seeds ,nuts and Greek yoghurt)
    #3. Open the shade and get some sunlight
    #4. Prefer eating whole food for breakfast ( Apple , carrots and brown rice )
    #5. Do some aerobic exercise
    #6. Involve urself in some physical activity before break fast ( walk , jogging )
    #7. Do meditation for a few minutes
    #8. Do not oversleep in the morning
    #9. Prepare ur lunch and snacks
    #10. Do some yoga postures ( suryanamaskar , warrior ,warrior 11, warrior 111 twisted chair ,shoulder stand , triangle , planks )

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