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  1. Zinicz

    My Brain: WTF

  2. Wapong Chitzu

    Only girls like or comment here😊

    iam a guy though..

  3. Iyanu Adegboyega

    Omg poop

  4. Mimi Meyers

    "Whey" Like Whey Protein powder.

  5. •michh.///i•

    Snail: walking
    Some kid in the snowflake generation: sToP aBuSiNg aNiMaLs

  6. Belinda Enata

    I hope the pigs from the pig jelly cream didn’t live in little cages with tons of pigs.

  7. nuggets -_-

    Yeah I'd rather be ugly

  8. Sissy Love

    😕Uh mayo is made with Egg YOLK and Oil NOT Egg Whites. I have made plenty of mayo just in school alone and the yolks whiten as you slowly incorporate the oil. Fyi 1 large chicken egg yolk can hold up to 7 fluid ounces of oil, when you make mayo to eat you add vinegar to help with the taste and if you use white vinegar the mayo will be more white. So in reality any cake recipes calling for mayo and you don't buy it yourself because you think it is "nasty" you can substitute it a couple of egg yolks and 14 fl oz of vegetable or nut oil and watch a youtube video on proper mayo making and make a vinegar free recipe, when you do put mayo in a cake it makes it richer more decadent in my opinion. Don't knock it till you try it, UNLESS you are allergic to an ingredient or to a relative of an ingredient. Like those out there like me with a Severe Birch tree allergy, stay Far Away from Apples and pears, it SUCKS but it's better than what can happen. I Highly suggest those suffering from allergies please see an allergist and get allergy testing, and ask what foods are linked to that allergy if any. It's crazy how connected things are.

  9. Milo ballz101

    Do you wanna get "Sh*t-faced"

  10. C m

    That poo highlight is racist.

  11. Bae Seungyeon

    good video the talko

  12. Bae Seungyeon

    well maybe bc im asian so im not that shocked with this video ._.

  13. Bae Seungyeon

    omg, where have you been the talko 😒

  14. random chicks music

    I think you could get around the smell of regular mayo by putting cinnamon in it before you put it in your hair

  15. Optimistic Nihilist

    Stop abusing animal to look good.. 😭

  16. Elise Scott

    I wouldn’t put caffeine on my face if it’s the last thing I’ll do. All of these products is super gross why would you do this

  17. Jason Merrill

    Fake skin complex, fake nails, fake lashes, fake hair, fake breasts, and these bitches want a real man?

  18. Karina Davida

    I just hope they are edible am I right 🤷🏾‍♀️🤨

  19. Rosalind Gray

    Lactose is in the fat of the milk so not in the leftover whey.

  20. Idifiss

    6:20 J-hope and Suga

  21. ArtsyCosmicDreamer TV

    Lol none of these products except for matcha are cruelty free.

  22. Oliwia Cwil

    Omg bts 😍😍😍😍😍

  23. Oliwia Cwil

    Woooow l saw it have that 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😊😊😊😊

  24. Meghan Monk

    Idk what y'alls poop looks like

  25. OmiNoah Chado

    9:54 #BARF believe me you don't have to tell. Me twice

  26. jstn jzrno

    Is this trueeee????!!!! Lol hhaahha

  27. Spinny Girlz Aj

    Early can I get a shout out

  28. Jordan Issacs


    i’m a youtuber too 🌞

  29. Jordan Issacs

    hey guys x
    i’ve wanted to do a youtube channel for such a long and i’ve finally made one .
    i would love if you could please like this comment ❤️
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  30. Madame Thome

    Really most are not so strange. Cleopatra and other ancient noble ladies bathed in asses milk and it really worked to keep their skin beautiful. Many of the healthy food grade products would help your outside as well as your inside. The snail extract is new but great because it protects the snails foot skin as it travels so it would protect our skin too!

  31. Anel MB

    Basically it's all about South Korea

  32. Jen Klen

    Next will be armpit sweat to help out with acne 😂😂😂

  33. Stary Unicorn Animations

    Sees thumbnail*

    Me: WTF



  34. Fawn phase

    this is disgusting.. and not vegan

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