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  1. HomeStaging

    Thanks Erin – for the great advice- will definitely try the conditioning mask treatment- have always struggled with styling my wavy hair xx

  2. Greta Zenelaj

    Thnx for the video, you look fabulous

  3. Debra Dawson

    Thank you for these great tips!

  4. Katherine Margeson

    1. Castor oil helps with brows and lashes. Add a few drops of rosemary essential oil and apply to scalp or areas where hair is thinning to help with growth.
    2. Add a few drops of oil to your foundation for a glow. This is a Wayne Goss tip that helps so much.

  5. Katherine Margeson

    Shine tips for curly haired ladies who don’t use silicones (they actually dry out curls,) is a DIY oil. Argan and rosehip at a 1:1 helps shine. Add a few drops of a scented essential oil if you want. Or do a gloss treatment.

  6. D B_Well

    100% agree with these tips!!!! I’m 42 and have seriously noticed a major change in my appearance since turning like 38. I really wish I’d have used sunscreen more in my 20’s, because I’m dealing with tons of blotchiness and sun damage now. AND it’s true – I can’t wear powder anymore, nor things like bottom eye liner, contour, smokey eyeshadow… it all just makes me look waaaayyyy older. ☹️

  7. Sunny Romilou

    Great tips 👏👍 You are radiant, stunning and inspiring! 😍❤

  8. Southern Belle

    You might want to check out the Zipp, it's awesome! I saw Wayne Goss talk about it, it's expensive but wow.

  9. Diane Harrison

    I have the benefit brow

  10. anne dama

    Thank u now I'm not plucking my eye brows

  11. jasmine abdulla

    Wowww amazing love you

  12. PrincessofErised

    Bingo with the sunscreen! I spent ONE day at a picnic and forgot my sunscreen on my decolletage. Now I have permanent damage there. Please, don't skip the neck or any exposed skin.

  13. Mamu MauMau

    Oh Jesus….This is just another classic example of just how shallow the world of women's fashion can be. It
    used to be that older people were admired and revered for their wisdom and experience. They had seen and
    done and accomplished a lot and could council younger people on the ways of the world. They were walking,
    talking historians who had first hand knowledge about all of the ups and downs of life. Apparently that no
    longer has as much value as being a fun, fearless, flirty, fabulous, fashion forward female!!! The new value
    system preaches age defying makeup and concealers and anti-aging serum and tummy tucks and "breast
    augmentation" and all of the other "procedures" that are out there. If the idea of going out without your make-
    up terrifies you, you are not liberated, you are enslaved!!!!! And oh by the way, there is no such thing as anti-
    aging serum. You are one day older today than you were yesterday….and tomorrow you will be one day older
    than you are today…..

  14. Dora Talamantes

    Great! I’m so glad I found your channel. I’m transitioning out of cancer treatments. I finished radiation so now transitioning into a new me. I’m very interested in your help. Xoxoxo thank you. I can see you have a beautiful spirit Inside n out. Thanks for being you

  15. mindy muir

    Where have you been in my life!? Thank you for your amazing Channel Erin!

  16. kishwar shadab shaikh

    Hi 👋 today i saw ur video about 10 yrs younger, i felt as if I’m seeing a mirror & knowing about my self .
    Thks a lot for the amazing 😉 ideas 💡

  17. Emilia Young

    You look fabulous! I love all of your tips!! :*

  18. Cathy Correa

    What eye shadow did you use in this video It looks shimmery and bright.

  19. nikki gramling

    Love it

  20. Zobeeda

    Personally you looked younger and much prettier with no makeup when you were moisturizing your face at 3:58

  21. Peggy Lee

    You are the most beautiful of all of the "Improve your look" videos. You speak clearly and have great advice.

  22. Katherine Margeson

    Try a mix of castor and rosehip seed oil for brows and lashes. Rosehip also has vitamin and adding a drop to foundation makes it glow.

  23. Laura B

    Glamour, glamour… Yes, I'm 50+ and am all for it – but let's PAY ATTENTION to health — today, now! I'm a Cancer survivor. * *Eight (8) out Ten (10) women get diagnosed with Breast Cancer every year. * * Let's talk about makeup products with NON-TOXIC ingredients, shall we?

  24. Sue Rush

    You have BEAUTIFUL skin. Thank you for the tips, very good to know.

  25. Jane Little

    Thank you – how rude some people are!! Perhaps they could make a tutorial for us to rip
    To shreds.

  26. Mel Anie Men Fel

    I like your top. Where did u get/buy it?

  27. Cara Aspero

    Yes castor oil is good for growing eyebrows eyelashes and ur bald part in the head

  28. Elisabeth channel

    You look so younger n beautiful. I like this chanel

  29. Kathryn

    Simple tips, and SPOT ON! 🥰 And, love my Hap from Day 1! Thank you for a great video…first time watcher, now a subscriber 🤗

  30. Alyssa Sharp

    wow that before/after with the gimme brow is amazing… I'm sold! Thank you 🙂

  31. Kara A

    You remind me of the actress Heather Graham. Love these tips. Thanks so much.

  32. Chlarie Peace

    You do not look your age I thought you were about 25 or 28

  33. Hermogena Medina

    what is cc and bb cream for what kind of skin is this for

  34. Jayjay Catz

    BTW, can you please tell me what is that gorgeous eyeshadow, it looks amazing and very youthful.

  35. Jayjay Catz

    You had me at 'I believe in the power of looking good', say no more, subscribed! And no, it's definitely NOT frivolous, just as long as it isn't the ONLY thing, but it is still up there in importance. Why do women politicians pay big bucks on their image?

  36. DaisyMae Shybu

    You look like a beautiful Cheryl Ladd from Charlie's Angels, great video!

  37. Trigger Toes

    But did you botox?

  38. Sherry Blankenship

    Castor oil IS a wonderful growing tool for thick hair. You Tube and Pinterest are FULL of tinctures to make for growing hair.

  39. Creative Nomad Studio

    Awesome tips! Good to remember sunscreen.😇

  40. bita edvard

    Ur gorgeous

  41. Andrea Marr

    Castor oil is amazing

  42. Elen C

    Here's what I do for anti aging: AVOID smoking, sun, alcohol, drugs and junk food. lift weights and eat an omnivore nutritious diet. Look after dental health. Weight lifting will keep your body and posture looking young for the rest of your life. For face, unfortunately gravity has a detrimental effect and I see no shame in seeking a good plastic surgeon!!! Surgery, when done properly and safely is amazing. It should not be a taboo topic. However, I have seen women who had facelifts/lazer and the faces/skin look younger but the bodies look and move like an old woman with bad posture which gives away their age. Imo, healthy lifestyle, weight training AND cosmetic surgery is a winning combination.

  43. lisa black

    Thank you for your informative videos. I love how you keep beauty simple and classic. Caring about our appearance helps reflect how we feel on the inside about ourselves. Some comments have a "negative energy". That seems to detract from your message …we are free to choose all , some or none of the suggestions.Classic beauty starts with kindness and ends where we feel comfortable using tips given. Thank you again for all your hardwork and great ideas.

  44. Debbie Potter

    Ur so pretty. At that age I felt and looked my best. Wish I could have stopped the clock right where you are! Eight years later and my not so healthy lifestyle caught up with me! I know it could be so much worse and looks are not everything but man oh man am I ya wing suck a hard time with aging. It’s around my mouth that’s really bothers me. And my teeth are not good. I have a top plate and my bottom are just about gone. But you k ow Erin, there are so many that can not afford a dentist. I would do anything to be able to have my teeth fixed!

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