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  1. Swiggity swooty, comin' for dat booty

    If I got cancer I'd just let it take over and kill me.

  2. Joey Paradis

    I might as well just eat grass now.

  3. Lady Chatelaine

    The main causes of cancer are too much sugar…cancer cells feed on it, and a compromised immune system…☹🇬🇧

  4. super_sad

    Buddy, nearly every cancer runs in my family, ovary, uterus, stomach, throat, lung, bone, you name it it’s probably in my family. I’ll eat whatever the hell I want.


    I feel like throwing up. 7:06


    Me and my dad have the same genetics and my dad does like beer alot but luckily he cut down on it easily .I'm so relieved

  7. Kamari Mckenzie

    I want cancer

  8. Child Of GOD!!!

    #11, watching T Series #TGay

  9. George Pena

    Everything causes cancer dam. I'll just eat fu k it 😂

  10. YT gaming warrior

    Wow finally I found a way to kill myself

  11. 10k subscribers no videos challenge

    This Video Causes Cancer

  12. Bpalagkfagk Bajagku

    When it comes to the obesity part a looked at my stomach and
    Me:Ohhh F! I'm obese!!!
    Suddenly saw the sooooo fat guy
    Me:Never mind

  13. Annalee Guptar

    Haem is pronounced Heem

  14. Joseph Pinto

    The chemicals in sunscreen cause cancer. Sunlight is energy.

  15. xXGachaBoiXx

    Um,we make our popcorn in our oven! Just get a metal bowl,put in normal dry corn seeds you can find in stores for popcorn,bake and lã Healthy Popcorn is done

  16. •Spłãt_Çãt•

    I *MIGHT*Get cancer because my dad had cancer and he died😭

  17. Zur

    I will die from cancer

  18. janan alexandrea colina

    it is fake

  19. -poopicasso-

    You know what…. I will starve to death

  20. Sam Essa

    It would be a simple list if you tell us what doesn't cause cancer this days 😲

  21. jennjenntheunknown

    My mom died of ovarian and brain cancer, im not sure what my chances are that ill get it

  22. Deimantas Nikartas

    Sun can give you cancer so for all thoose people that are afraid of eating ur yummy foods keep on Munchin cuz it doesnt matter were gonna die either way

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