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  1. Aarti Patel

    Who is watching in September

  2. MissReAper 03


  3. RJ Riyah

    People who have freckles want to get rid of them hacks and people who don't have freckles but want them hacks!! I don't understand humans these days

  4. LUCCA gamer

    1 hour

  5. Quỳnh Phạm

    I'm from vietnam

  6. বিজনেস মেশিন & ইকুইপমেন্টসhttps://youtu.be/-Z-Bhch5KBYবিজনেস মেশিন & ইকুইপমেন্টসhttps://youtu.be/-Z-Bhch5KBY

  7. gacha_ random_stuff

    Oily hair?

    Take a shower ¯_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

  8. Briley McDaniel

    I have frckeles and I don't hate them or love them but I don't wanna get rid of them

  9. Shea Moore

    none of these really take only 5 minutes

  10. Taveisha Suddy

    What song is that in the background I cant find it at all?!

  11. Aplus 7878

    I love it

  12. FunWith Viv

    Hello #early

  13. Alisson Martinez

    La rosalia

  14. Miia Haapamäki


  15. Miia Haapamäki


  16. Eliene Santos


  17. Eliene Santos


  18. Ramya Narendran

    I wonder how one person had almost all sort of skin problems..

  19. Pushpalathasampath Pushpalatha

    That is not a dry skinit is fevicol is right or wrong

  20. arunima ganju

    I like 5- minutes craft

  21. Hileli Oyuncu

    Çoook denedim

  22. Romaan Nazia

    4:25 why someone try to hide freckles???

  23. Sayani Gain

    Who does'nt like freckles. People does freckle tattoos on their face.

  24. All-American Handyman

    Take, not bring!

  25. Romaan Nazia

    Just repeating the same hacks in every video

  26. Muhammed Faris

    Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee

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