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  1. 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY

    Hey girls, what kind of beauty hacks do you like the most?

    Don`t miss the best hair hacks 39:40

  2. mahesh sharma

    You are amazing

  3. Shannon Mchughes


  4. Jashwanth Kota

    All repeating hacks only

  5. Musical XXDog


  6. Nurjahan Akter BARSHA

    Who is owner of your channel

  7. sheema kalam

    how do you think that I could possibly do this???

  8. deziray aubry

    these hacks are the best

  9. Katie Campbell

    Love you

  10. Ivy Sama

    Who else thought that was a shower cap not a bag

  11. Jayan Maryann

    Can you put this pomgram on TV?why don't you?

  12. nika aja

    Kenapa video kaya gini masih aja di hujat ya? Malah di indo g ada yang kaya gini

  13. Parveen kr. Sharma

    Mam I love your chinal

  14. Precious Owede

    I odio Internet😣😤😤😤😠😠😠

  15. Soo-Young Myo

    4:00 tf.. Why would anyone do that?

  16. Rahma Ramiza

    I am an banglqdeshi!!

  17. charzell williams

    Wow nice video!👍

  18. diana Cecilia


  19. Siddhi Sharma

    U r great 😀nice video

  20. Chadia Feniche

    I like 5 min crade girls 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎

  21. sreelakshmi ramadas

    Why you are repeating stop repeating mad and bad 5 minute craft

  22. Ángela Guarda Bravo

    I saw the video "complete" but in fast velocity (x2)

  23. Nisha Tiny

    Always repeat

  24. Marghoob Alam

    One hour wested

  25. zhaory Mora

    El resto allá

  26. Riya Matta

    Why r u showing teeth I know u use colgate

  27. Kaju Pancholi

    Har video me ek hi chij kuch naya layo ples

  28. Nisha Tiny

    31:00 over acting

  29. emzzy_ Gaming

    Okay who ever has that oily skin..You need to see somebody.

  30. Uchechi


  31. chetan khatri

    Why you reapeat this video

  32. Feqan Veysli

    Cok guzel ben beyendim

  33. Jennifer P

    Yes thankyou

  34. love you


  35. Rosario Alvarez

    Hola. Hoya. Tecinosi

  36. Lili_ Lili

    А можно было девушку подобрать с чистыми волосами и без перхоти?

  37. Bajrang Lal

    Your ideas are amazing

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