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  1. enigma mist

    Who is Ashley lol

  2. enigma mist

    20s look is like olive from popeye

  3. Casey Heart

    I had this dread that they were going to put Kim K in here the whole time and it gave me anxiety…but they didn’t, thank God…

  4. Max Carroll

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg?????

  5. Sharon Dionisio


  6. Angeliki Markaki

    elizabeth taylor

  7. Lucy

    Who the hell is ashley graham

  8. iruschka smogorz

    where is Brigitte Bardot, or it's only about america?

  9. Andraye Santiago

    They should model Elizabeth Taylor in 1950s

  10. Cami

    Where is Pattie Boyd?

  11. Victoria Sharpe

    1960s, Cleopatra, definitely wins 👍 not many suit that hairstyle either

  12. Neptune Butera


  13. Shop Ing

    2010s is Kim Kardashian

  14. Syarifah Saudah Al-Habsyi

    Who Ashley Graham? If you're a gamer like me then in your head rn Ashley Graham must be the daughter of the president in Resident Evil 4. Sorry not sorry…

  15. sophia

    where is emery bingham???

  16. jess_ kkh_

    Lol I thought the one in the 2000s was going to be Kim Kardashian

  17. Fatisha. Yuki Mirai

    Most beautiful models! I fall in love

  18. Cassie Stoddard

    Think they more research

  19. Scarlet Witch

    I LOVE Madonna !!!

  20. lara

    these are all ly icons from katherin Elizabeth madonna and baker

  21. Iv Biersack

    Ариана грандиозната имитира Дженифър Лопез ?

  22. Claudia Auditore

    1:35 Bob Ross sister

  23. Rashida Jackson

    Who is responsible for choosing the people on this list?? I have no idea who Ashley ?? is. I don’t even like Kim Kardashian much (just not a fan of whatever she does 🤷🏾‍♀️) and I would have chosen her as the icon for this decade.

  24. Stressed And Depressed

    When they were doing the 200's I saw the model and I was like " Kim Kardashian for SURE!!!"

  25. Kurt Cobain's Ghost

    Betty Grable…?

  26. Teresa Nguyen

    lmao whos ashley graham

  27. Kawaii Very

    Sorry if i am ignorant but is the hell that icon sister of bob ross???

  28. Aestx__

    2:39 is she nasty?

  29. Milly Simpson

    That looked nothing like Cher

  30. Oof wheeze

    Idek who tf Ashley graham is lmfao

  31. Amanda Cintakasih


  32. Luana Sarkisian

    Cher 👑

  33. Tatiana Johnson

    Love janet Jackson

  34. rezi todua


  35. Natalia c

    What is an Ashley graham?

  36. KAMY D.

    2010's should have been Ariana Grande.
    Missed opportunity.

  37. MaJaHo 1111

    Where is Audrey Hepburn and Lady Gaga?

  38. Jade

    Where are Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy?

  39. Moses Chua

    2000's why not Britney Spears

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