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  1. Rose M

    I love cakes, biscuits and chocolates!

  2. Adobe Sumit

    Amelia Burned Burned Half A Dozen Pounds In Less than 14 Days! http://bit.ly/2AI34Zf

  3. Aidalyn Willson

    I was quite desparate as u have tried so many different diets… at the end i saw a facebook post about teami blends..and I did their detox 30 days… felt great! and lost 3 kilos… best part was cause all is herbal and organic and not toxic! Good luck to all.

  4. اشرف.امين ابراهيم


  5. George Foncham

    Some video says don't eat certain fruits especially banana and some fruits make you gain weight. Which is better? Please help me.

  6. Rituparna Karar

    I'm fat…😖.
    bt I want to try this for weight loss😊

  7. Maria Ostling

    You should ban sugar 99% of the time.

  8. NatrulyVivaciousVegan

    being vegan i already eat lots of fruit and veggies whoop whoop i exercise everyday cept tues and thursday and sat I only do warmup exercises sun I do a lazy 10 minute stretch. I missed where they mentioned STAY AWAY from saturated and hydrogenated oil such as peanutbutter and butter have. or. .. did they even mention that 🤔

  9. SavageStuffYouWontUnderstand

    hi thx soooo much lol im fat

  10. Karo Tries

    I am not the slimmest person in the world and I constantly have problems with my weight. That's mostly due to the fact that I love sweets. ^^ However, the only thing that truly worked for me and what I've learned from research is that it's all about building muscle so that it consumes the energy, doing a bit of cardio and eating proteins, vegetables and fruits. Try avoiding sweets and other sugary products like lemonade, coke, etc and you'll notice positive results relatively fast.

  11. Deanna Mcculloch

    Thanks x

  12. Winifred Coffefe

    nice video but no new information

  13. Espoir Espoir

    Thank you.

  14. Sparks & Stars

    Always great videos😊

  15. shaik rehana parveen


  16. misriya


  17. Shree Plays

    First love u

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