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  1. ThatOnePianist 817

    I need to lose weight cause I’m a teenager and I weigh 131 lbs. and I am 5, 2. For some reason I’m starting to eat less cause when I go to the girls locker room for gym, to me they all look sooo skinny and I I see myself as “the fat one” my lunch time is at 1 o’clock and my gym class is before hand….

  2. Crazy Kate

    Does stranger things count as horror (PLEASEEE!!!!)

  3. Maggie Li

    Every like I'll do 2 push-ups

  4. Leona Pennington

    What I love about myself

    Read more

  5. Rea Dzekic

    does the horror thing work if your not scared of horrors

  6. Denilce Monteiro

    i like my dimples

  7. Charlotte Butler

    There is nothing good about myself only one thing my face is the good is looking bit of my body but it’s not the best

  8. Kashif Rashid

    One like equal one sit up want to lose 10kg and I'm lazy I'm actually eating food while watching this with

  9. Saji Paul

    I like my hair…..actually no…..i like my eyes……eeeehhhh not really……i like my……..?

  10. Oumie Corr

    Not much to be honest. I love my eyes. That's it.

  11. Alanea's channel

    My blonde hair and blue eyes

  12. gigi mathew

    my cyrstal blue eyes are my fave part of y body

  13. cupcake frosting

    I love my FRECKLES!!!!!!😉

  14. Gamer Bre

    I love that I know how to dance and dancing help me relax and other things😔😁💙

  15. Angel Reyed

    This is fake wtf

  16. Jasmyn Hallford

    I love my eyes. They change colors so their not always the same exact looking thing every day.

  17. Samiul Haque

    The nun and chuckie

  18. Potterheadtexan Studios

    I love my ears
    And feet
    And knees
    And shins
    and arms
    And nose
    And eyes
    And fingers
    And basically everything…..

  19. Jay Tee

    Ok, so what about the weird hack in the THUMBNAIL???

    What's that, you say?…..it was only CLICKBAIT??

    That always gets a thumbs down from me.
    Clickbait SUCKS. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  20. Lacey Tipton

    I guess what I like about myself is how my hair is like a golden-brown color.

  21. Toma Mishchenko


  22. Gacha Tubez

    i love my hair

  23. Sanuki Hendawitharana

    im not Outta shape…. a circle is a shape…

  24. Vicky Lazar

    My eyes are lovley

  25. Gabriella Junuzovic

    Watch hush on Netflix

  26. Billie K

    The whole use your none dominant hand well I use both 😂😪

  27. Maddy Essig

    Me: sees video

    Me: I'm gonna lose some weight

    Me: starts to do a pushup

    My dad: walks in the door with pizza

    Me: well shi-

  28. Mohamed alnaqbi 197791

    I look fat and Ugly and no one really likes me

  29. Girl on the Internet

    My favorite part of myself (body-wise) is my collarbone. I know that's weird, but I do.

  30. Lmao Krew

    Me: works out

    2 hours later

    Me:*eats icecream* 😂

  31. Star pawer For ever

    Gos bulbs my dance ing love lollie i will be you zing all

  32. Emilie Rhyton


  33. Emilie Rhyton


  34. Sophie Chong

    my nails.

  35. Morgan Skye Staunches

    #NatificationSquad My favorite thing about myself is my eyes.❤ Love you so much Natalie!💖

  36. michelle sammut

    I love my eyes 👀👀👀

  37. Riley Wallace

    Watch the conjuring and the conjuring 2 !

  38. christine fielding


  39. Katie Land

    I love the movie “No Escape Room”

  40. shawntae wallace

    i love my baby hands

  41. RoseJedi

    I like my chisled cheeks,

  42. Weird Meena

    Every like counts as an hour of exercise

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