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  1. Lisa Kerns

    Adam! You’re amazing. I love this video 💜 You’re so funny and honest.

  2. Cloud Fighter

    Thanks for sharing this with us. This is very inspiring and motivating video. Thanks again. To make positive changes I really need to change my mindset and get rid of those negative feelings you mentioned. Big fan of your videos because you are so honest with your feelings and opinions.

  3. rkymtngal

    HI Adam, what is the 1st and 2nd most painful chronic disease, you mentioned HS was third. This video has encouraged me greatly! I love your story, Adam

  4. jane vickers

    Hey Adam, so was that Millet from your pillow that you wrote your name into at the end? LOL

  5. Britney Lope

    Thank you for being so honest on your reviews!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Keri Minium

    I really wish i could be like u lol. Im not good with diet changes. Like i literally need someone to lay out every last thing for me. I suck at planning meals that are compliant and stuff. My hs sucks it really has taken over. I just had surgery to remove a hanging pannus. 23lbs of hs affected skin. And guess what. Hs is coming back on the incision line. I had major healing complications that they just opened me up and cleaned it all the way out and left it open. So now the abcesses are growing on the healing ends of the skin. So i can only imagine what will happen once it closes up all the way. It sucks soooooo bad!! I need a change.

  7. saadia hijab

    I’m happy for you, the numbness has nothing to do with the weight I guess bc I suffer from that too and I’m a small person, that’s another type of autoimmune (neuropathy)

  8. Ann Malia Buescher

    I still go to the Plus aisles when I shop, but have to readjust and go to the "normal" section and shop. It feels good. I've only lost 70'ish pounds since Christmas, but its going. I am glad I did because I've had to job search recently and losing the weight is a benefit for that….but did you ever get clumsy initially? I found myself falling a lot…..like my body was still trying to move the larger self and when it didn't have to, I found myself clumsy….did that happen?

  9. Isra Issa

    Most people don't talk about that part of weight loss. Very interesting.

  10. JennT2

    I've lost 120lbs and I do the wrist thing too!!! 😂🤷

  11. Margaret Wissler

    I like a pillow I can manipulate. I think I will try one of those 😁

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