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  1. Everything TV

    Barbie Doll Crafts

  2. Emcee Tahaynon

    9:40 what are they doing???

  3. Soursop Mcgee

    💉 💉💉 😖😕☹️😓😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😟 🤦

  4. Lily Weinberger

    "beauty hacks" my ass.

  5. Kiley Radford

    I love how it says smart In the title but pretty sure getting neadles poked in your face is smart lol

  6. بنتً البًصًرهِ


  7. Mystic Angel

    This hurt me and I'm just watching…. Ow!

  8. Aakriti Nishad

    Isme dard nhi hota Kya???

  9. Park Jimin

    Que viejas tan locas que es eso de inyectarse la cara!

  10. Jennifer Eaves

    Hell no!

  11. Ola Ayman

    6:26 she has too much eyelashes that if she blinked 10 times fast she will fly 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Antonela González


  13. Fallen Angel

    How is this helpful? I think we should be ourselves.. And needles really? All of that is just for attention for guys..I feel really offend that we have to do that stuff just for guys

  14. Alejandra Espinoza

    I LOVE, AMO TUS VIDEOS …..XD son geniales , y muy extremos… XD

  15. Boulek Asmat

    maniy maniy

  16. Vanessa Maldonado

    15:51 ,,, Im depressed

  17. Sally Face2002

    Accept the fact ur getting old no surgery is going 2 stop u from ageing🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  18. زهراء العيساوي

    Stopp lLove you so much Every thing tv byyyyyyy

  19. Asiye Orhan


  20. Just girl

    иглы это пи…. не люблю уколы и т.д.

  21. عمار جميل


  22. Ariadna salcido


  23. Chelsea Quinlan

    i would cry so much getting needles, i’m so afraid of them like i passed out once it’s so frickin scary!

  24. Dina Darya


  25. Dina Darya


  26. Dina Darya

    Wow 🤩

  27. Marisela Marisela

    Nice video 😊🤩💖🖤

  28. Brenda Lima

    https://youtu.be/NZWW0ck3unY vejam lá galerinha me ajudem aí por favor que Deus abençoe vocês 🙏🏻

  29. وصفات امي الحبيبة Mama


  30. mario Grancea

    Fă Vă vlog

  31. طاكة روحي

    اكوو عرب هنا لو بس اني

  32. stephopal opal

    Wow!! Again not expecting to see..Love yall!! StephopalOpal

  33. A D

    good. 😹👌

  34. stephopal opal

    Wait..her chin will fall eventually then it will be more..Omg!! Was not expecting that..I was like cute curls then Boom!! Have a good one☆ StephopalOpal

  35. Ayo Beauty


  36. Ayo Beauty

    😮 wow

  37. stephopal opal

    Awwwh!! Frkn sweeET ◇ big love from New Orleans Louisiana StephopalOpal

  38. Info-Chan

    I'm afraid of needles 😭 but good video

  39. Lara Brajković


  40. ملكت الفنون

    WOW nice and cool AND like. :OWOW
    :-* :O 🙂 😀 😛 =-O B-)

  41. قمـرآيهہهہ :

    تهي بهي رايدنه فلوووس 💵 ومنين الفلوس 🙅🙅😂😂

  42. بـاربـي ْ

    First always

  43. Aizhan Zhakypbekova


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