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  1. Matt Christiansen

    About the weird false start – YouTube just flat out kicked our stream when we started. We had to restart a few times to see if it would go. I've clipped it out, but it will take a while to process. Susan Wicky Wicky tried the ole Susan Kicky Kicky. I'll see myself out.

  2. Charlie Milroy

    Am I hearing right, or was Matt suggesting that somersaults are not ok?

  3. Peter Gruhn

    Lol, another "algorithms are scary" ranter. Best you can do with people running around screaming "the algorithms the algorithms" is check to see if they happen to be point at an issue that is worth checking into.

  4. Peter Gruhn

    That's not what "fascism" means.

  5. CounterCultureWISE

    No notification, either. Had to type you in to find it.

  6. Pensive WolF

    wait. . . so that Andrew guy is stalking your groupies?

  7. Eternal Reign

    On their YT channel, CNN left out the part of E. Jean Carroll looking crazy during her "rape" interview with Cooper.

  8. Shadow Hedgehog

    Project Veritas should redact all the names in their story on their youtube channel, and simply include this "confidential" information in their videos on the alternative networks. Problem with that privacy excuse youtube keeps abusing solved.

  9. Darbie Clancy

    Happy cake for the algorithm shiny nice love peace and chicken grease!!!

  10. Darbie Clancy

    Good men make a good place to live

  11. Darbie Clancy

    Desmond's parents make money off his childhood dismemberment….

  12. rick m60

    I didn’t know that anyone outside or Portland aka crackville gave a crap about it. Interesting.

  13. Peter Gruhn


    Takes five seconds too look like a sincere professional.

  14. Peter Gruhn

    "If you were gonna actually hang a guy…"

    OMG, are you seriously that detached?

  15. Unelected Leader

    ANTIFA insults Mao and Che by wearing shirts with their faces. Notice that Mao and Che didn’t hide their face like ANTIFA. Like them or not, those guys were not punks. They were deadly serious and they wanted you to know who they were.

  16. zigzag024

    Watch the news here you going to see them killed in mass shooting nothing to worry about.

  17. Eternal Reign

    Jesus fucking christ these morons really do live in a fantasy land. They're basically going to open the gates, which will lead to even more people flooding into the country, and they're going to give them free health care, which will literally mean everyone everywhere will try to get into our country. Who the actual fuck is going to pay for all that? They sit up there and talk about how broken the economy is, while they talk about how they want to tax everyone to death to pay for all the illegals. Ohhh it's bad that people have to work 2 jobs? Well everyone is going to have to work 3 fucking jobs to pay for all the free shit these retards want to give away. Who could possibly think any of this is a good idea? Please say they're just pandering.

  18. Eternal Reign

    Wait, there's a lot of people working 2 jobs, and that's somehow evidence of a bad economy lol? Ummm, I'm no economist, but if there are that many jobs available where that many people can have 2, then I'd say that's a pretty good sign that the economy is doing well lol. If the economy were doing bad, then nobody would be hiring and unemployment would be high.

  19. Eternal Reign

    If alt-right groups were smart, they'd openly "plan" events in these lefty cities, then not show up and just let antifa makes asses out of themselves.

  20. James Psarros

    These Antifa fucking idiots…. if Trump was “fascist” they wouldn’t exist. Their lack of self awareness is baffling and so funny it’s almost sad. I hope they choke on tranny genitalia

  21. Eternal Reign

    Not that Portland was a popular tourist destination, but I wonder if the violent unchecked antifa mobs are keeping people from visiting that area, or if the Mayor even cares that it might be hurting the local economy. If I were a small business owner in Portland, I would probably be speaking up about his lack of action.

  22. 7curiogeo

    Boring as always.

  23. 7curiogeo

    YouTube is being hacked, they and pedant company Google has pissed off some one big time.
    Maybe a NSA type but they are messing with all Google and Google baby's. LMAO
    How's it feel you tube?

  24. tack alla

    1:17:19 ehh… I wouldn't say "white flight" was a bad thing. My parents did it when they saw a bullet hole in their condo complex when I was about 9 months old. They immediately started saving & searching for the safest area in the county. I ended growing up being able to ride my bike outside until the street lights came on (in the 90s), & never being worried that walking my dog (when I was a bit older) after dark would get me robbed or raped or shot. My city (in California) is still about 85% white, and my parents are basically blue collar in terms of income. For that reason, white people fled to places where they felt safe and then created safe communities. I am glad my parents cared about me enough to sacrifice luxuries for a safe childhood for me.

  25. R S

    Andrew, FBI agent…

  26. 4GreenFrog

    People are now starting to stand up and hold the leftist accountable. First, Sandmann of the Covington Catholics, then the Gibson's Bakery and now, Andy Ngo as a lawyer and going to sue his assailants.

  27. Stephen Williams

    Blonde has the solution. The police/Police Chief/Mayor are in on allowing the attacks. I suggest aiming for the chest in self defense situations when they are trying to kill you.

  28. that one chick in florida

    When I heard Williams' fight with love nonsense, my brain conjured up the scene from that shitty Adam Sandler movie Little Nicky where he's fighting demons by shooting magic rainbows out of his hands.

  29. Gentleman Warfighter

    I believe the idea of infinite ressources is fallout from something that went on in Silicone Valley. There was so much money, they could do whatever they wanted for a period of time. Did this feeling bleed out into the rest of the US, more specifically Democrats nationwide?

  30. Antexjerr1

    Another great show even with the false start.

  31. Joe M


  32. Damn it Chloe!

    If Eric Swalwell wanted to ban the most dangerous weapons in America, he's ban cars and cheeseburgers. Cars and obesity kill way more people in this country that rifles ever will. 50,000 car deaths a year, 598,000 heart disease deaths a year, vs 300 deaths by rifles. Swalwell's IQ and testosterone numbers must be room temperature.

  33. Nicholas Kocay

    LMAO this commentary tho

  34. Algo+codehawk

    leftists are sooo tolerant

  35. Mike Donovan

    Matt, your content has been REALLY good the last few months, if views and subs are down it's youtube not you.

  36. Your wise cousin Joe

    I know some spanish. Yo gi ro taco bell

  37. Lyanna Mormont

    I’ve never seen so many white people in one place.

  38. Lyanna Mormont

    When communism comes , it will come in the guise of tolerance”

  39. Anthony P

    My channel (different acct) got throttled at exact same time despite my never or rarely covering secular politics

  40. Shady Brady

    I know you guys are busy, but with news specifically, you can't be days late on a story. The podcast is typically several days after a specific news story breaks, and it's already been rinsed out. Just from a consumers perspective, I don't typically watch these because they cover old news.

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