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  1. Stephen Lheureux

    Very proud of Matt for getting Canada' capital correct. I think it is the first American on TV/youtube that has very gotten this question correct. LOL but seriously.

  2. hi

    I wouldn't refer to any social media site as a platform. They are publishers

  3. Scott Pritchett

    Hey Matt, on the call-in show you were comparing viewers between yourself and other more successful YouTubers. Let me say Lowder with Crowder does well because of his Mug Club, if you want to obtain parity how about introducing Fountain Pen Club?

  4. Scott Pritchett

    Great video, compelling and rich.

  5. DBeazRN 3

    If Justice Watch, Tom Fitton & his colleagues, is involved…..$#@+ just got real. These guys & gals are no joke.

  6. Blank Stairs

    Per Home Depot knot:
    1stly: For sure it's white people reporting this.
    2ndly: It's probably a clove hitch knot. (Fellow knot people get that joke.)

  7. Skeptical Faith

    Just finished watching the call-in show and the next video was David Parkman calling Molyneux a white supremecist. I guess their new algorithm is working.

  8. Bryan M

    Beauty & the Beta show was yanked tonight 7/24. ???????

  9. DewkChronic

    AOC trying to spin the antifa already

  10. DewkChronic

    meagan gets dumber by the minute

  11. DewkChronic

    blonde knows

  12. biggles123ful

    I like you Blond 😉

  13. RT Myths Debunked

    Why wouldn’t she marry a brother? Cousin marriage is common there. Hell my lebanese friend is inbred too. Nice guy. But still inbred. Just a fact. They do it

  14. B Love

    how bout trans people get treated like ALL people, instead of like a helpless, pathetic, monolithic class of infants? It is patronizing. Lindsay Shepherd should claim that she is a man with a vagina and a baby, and get her account back, just to show the absurdity of this nonsense.

  15. Mandie Wiley

    – shout out from Delaware! Love the show!

  16. Marc Tradler

    IQ test on Ilhan Omar ASAP. If she´s above 90 i´ll never post on YT again.

  17. John And Abbey

    Trump is such a savage!

  18. James Psarros

    The worst part about that fucking terrorist bitch is not only did she lie to get in this country, she got FUCKING ELECTED. I can’t believe what our country is coming to be. Thank the lord for Trump!

  19. terance bailey

    we need Cheyenne Dog Soldiers and to read Kipling's the Beginnings

  20. Shadow Hedgehog

    I am sorry, I don't really understand. Which happens often when you read. You seem to read way too quickly and quietly, cause you read it just for your mind, not for the audience. I often phase off when listening when you read super chats, because sometimes trying to focus enough to understand what is being written to you is not worth it. Hope you take this as a constructive criticism…

  21. sardonicus76

    The “shit hole countries” comment caused an interesting (and unintentionally hilarious) thing to happen. Even though Trump never specified which countries were shit holes, you had all these people standing up and proclaiming, “I’m from ____ and I’m proud of my shit hole country!”.

    There really are no lengths to which these idiots won’t go in order to claim victim status.

  22. TrueCarthaginian

    It's a shame Blonde still watches and seemingly respects Owen Benjamin. That guy has been getting exponentially more and more crazy as time goes on, and never misses an opportunity to stab a new friend in the back over something trivial. The guy is genuinely mentally ill.

  23. joebainter

    Love the show again guys!!

  24. Peter Combs

    No apology is needed if someone falsely calls you a racist, Motherf*cker, NAZI, Hitler and running concentration camps…they lost all expectations of civil conversation months ago.


    Awwwww whatever,
    he is a president who called some people some things!
    What’s the big deal?

  26. lorence donaldo

    send her back, agreed 100 percent. revoke her citizenship.

  27. Cassivellaunus Honestus

    Gen X: early sixties to the early eighties and we and we are the parents of millennials…sorry about that last bit.

  28. jennifer newsome

    Blonde I love you!!! No homo

  29. dMb

    Blacks owe whites reparations for the crime & homicide rates.
    Illegal aliens owe whites reparations for all the added costs they cause.

  30. JW

    Ilhan Omar and Erica Thomas are two sides of the same coin: a POC being a racist, ill informed retard who was elected based on skin color.

  31. Jeff K

    15 in a 10 or less. That is over the line. Since she is apparently pregnant I would probably give her a pass but I understand the frustration.

  32. Alex Johnson

    Sad I missed the Phoenix meetup. Had too much going on this weekend 🙁

  33. Greyhawk The Angry

    Minnesota's not destroyed yet, Blonde. The Twin Cities, maybe, but not the whole state. Expect Omar to NOT be re-elected.

  34. Vykk Draygo

    "I will not dignify it with an answer." Then shut the hell up, moron.

  35. Paveway

    Ok, Lindsay Shepherd is beautiful. Seriously, hot.

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