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    You can lie to me you can lie the American people but you cannot lie to the people who live in Baltimore who see every day their surroundings and when trump calls out their leaders for leaving them in crime ridden garbage covered streets while they squander the people’s taxes to pay for personal luxuries, they see their politicians hardly bat an eye at their suffering.

  2. Local Fixx

    Now, that's an intro. 🤣🤣

  3. James Hilmer

    Blonde didn't realize people were arguing Catholicism vs Protestantism in the superchats. I think that's why she got mixed up.

  4. Jacob Strutner

    What about attempted murder? Same as attempted pedos

  5. Jacob Strutner

    Wall the cities off and let them burn and kill each other. Problem solved

  6. Andrewik

    1:29:04 Why don't we hold Trump to the same standard though? You fucking piece of shit migration fraud incest cunt.

  7. Craig Martin

    Why do these drag queens dress up like demons?

  8. Andrewik

    That Mueller hearing is like the first screening of The Room. Nobody wanted to be there, but those who were in on the joke at least had a bit laugh.

  9. Dosbomber

    31:22 Kinda makes me wonder if this can still be called a "hearing". 😉

  10. Brian Vogel

    Matt and Blonde, the question for Rashida Talib is, "Your congressional salary is $175,000, which works out to $84.13/hour. Why shouldn't everyone make $84.13/hour? Do you think you're better than anyone else?" The only way to defend her own salary is to say that some jobs are worth more than others.

  11. Scott Pritchett

    NaN stands for Not A Number, it’s usually when a procedure is expecting a number and gets something else.

    Would seem to be their problem.

    Congrats to Styx. Off to watch Laurel’s video next about his (Styx’s) wife’s immigration status.

  12. Scott Pritchett

    Dissenter, not Brave. Forked from Brave, without the crypto coin gonads.

  13. AL PD

    "no human would WANT to live there". Just because you did live there, doesn't mean you wanted to. I lived in London for a bit…doesn't mean It was by choice.

  14. Sanguis Bonum

    Minimum wage? If a person's work doesn't produce $15 worth of profit, the employer can't afford to pay him that much.

  15. Sanguis Bonum

    Trump's tweet about Cummings got the focus right off the border and right on to the inner cities. Lazer pointer and the cat! Ta-da!

  16. Adam Crawford

    "I did some digging and according to Wikipedia" makes me question this "immigration attorney."

  17. Folke Jhn

    Styx doing the same intro and outro on his wedding announcement video speaks to his consistency 👍🤠

  18. White Devil

    I wonder if Styx finished his vows with 'That's about all. Peace out'?

  19. lorence donaldo

    companies are now hiring people part time due to the minimum wage. how is that working where they increase your wage but reduce your working hours. this is how it works in third world country. we are heading that way.

  20. The Tactical 6 String

    Tranny story time is happening here in the once reliably Red state of New Hampshire. Thankfully my Ex-Wife has been very Blonde-esk in voicing her opposition. She still a crazy bitch but at least her politics are in order. She's actually right of Blonde.

  21. Vacinden Rabaltar

    Buckets of water does not damage police gear?

  22. CNC295

    Google is funny when it comes to the super chats. Be advised that your account can be banned for donating to a conservative Super Chat.

  23. BabelTriumphant

    Should hire a contractor male to wax the nuts, JY surely wouldn't mind the gender of the ball-waxer.

  24. ZombieCorp.

    1:35:00 Monsters hiding under the protected veil of progressive ideology. Will the people finally see them for what they are?

  25. Action Bob

    but she still didnt actually SAY it. She demands others to disavow so many things and then they do. But she STILL has refused to disavow Hamas, Al Qaeda, Sharia Law… none of them, she just dodged the question again

  26. Kori Jenkins

    Western Civilization was built by pedos. The Greeks and Romans openly supported this behavior.

  27. FatRown

    To be fair, and your stats still stand as highly relevant to that specific case, but Ilhan did couch that statement more hypothetically in the full version. The one you showed cut out her qualifier.. but she still made a bad point

  28. coco puffs

    get these filthy invaders out of our country!

  29. FatRown

    Why's he crying about it? Did a dying relative create Baltimore and therefore create the problems it has? It's not a cake contest.. it's a large city

  30. Shirley Geer

    Am with Blonde on this. Everything about makes my perv meter go into the red. This is defcon 4 category.

  31. K Roberts

    I'm not a fan of Omar but technically she arrived in the US when she was 10 so she might not have been a victim of FGM.

  32. jeje 1020

    Omar has no business being in Federal office. Her belief system is in total conflict with our Constitution.

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