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  1. Tiana

    Woah how’d I get here

  2. sdwejs 2ejfl

    She was so cute back then.

  3. Ane Pires

    You are a happy soul God bless you

  4. Hughina Tindall

    Anyone here 2019

  5. Bree Reidy

    Her teeth are so perfect @5:09

  6. Scarlett Blasl

    I wish there were more of these videos

  7. Ivel Sevira

    Its 2019. Cause i miss early days of shani

  8. Nbeauty Love

    https://chez-nbeauty.com/ La mode féminine à petits prix .

  9. kirsty malloy

    When shani was real.. soz girl but I didn't care about money back here x

  10. aoife Duffy

    Remember this hair shani.. ruined:(

  11. Nikki Kerr

    Anyone here in 2019 watching her old videos

  12. Natalie Rea

    she looks a lot like iggy with that make up look

  13. Sabina Habak

    Love u my shani chicken 😘
    U inspire me everyday from how funny u are to the beautiful shani face and ur videos just make me feel alive. Love u 😘💖

  14. Gabriella Hays

    Intro made me laugh love ya shani. 2018 anyone??

  15. Shane Lodewyks

    This pops up in my recommendations and uhm girl you've grown (not just your tits) lol love yoouuuu
    😂 seriously I love you so much😂💛

  16. Maddie F

    wow you have changed a lot it’s 2018 haha

  17. Anna Orelli

    This is such a good video you should do more like this

  18. Anthi Kokkinou

    your natural lips are so pretty, maybe you should consider going back to them? <3

  19. anamika rajput

    Too much make up

  20. Kitty Kat


  21. Kitty Kat

    Most girls can’t live up to this

  22. Kitty Kat

    So how do you tell your daughter that she doesn’t have to be like this

  23. CHARR KR

    Glad i found your channel! love this video

  24. Chantel

    2018 anyone??!!!

  25. بـಿـنوتهہ گيوت

    Haha that cute 😄

  26. John Smith

    God being a women is exhausting

  27. Riya Soni

    look so nice

  28. Judgment

    I guess they are preparing to prostitute themselves

  29. Sandra Coan

    amazing were was i

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