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  1. Valeria Lipovetsky

    Fore more beauty content watch my Day In My Life Model Edition

  2. purnima lakshmanan

    You are getting prettier with each video. Love you Valeria. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family.

  3. veronica sciacca

    I really would like to see a tutorial of the heart-shaped thing you mentioned 😂🔝😍

  4. Eduard Vizitiu

    Am I wrong or you have only one brow done in this video?😁

  5. Deankesher

    What setting powder do you use?

  6. Rocio TM

    What shade do you buy with the RMS concealer ?I bought some online since Sephora never has it in store but I was way off.

  7. Catalina Espinoza

    Hi, Valeria! I just translated your video, but I have a few questions for you (related to the script). Can you please tell me if I can send you an e-mail or could you please follow me on Twitter in order to DM you? Thank you. My twitter user is @audiovisualchr1

  8. Kayla C

    I loooove these chats!!! I missed these videos!

  9. Ecclesia xxi

    We have very similar tones, what colour/shade of blush do you use here? & which tone of the Marcier creme cheek tint did you buy? I would assume out of the three options the canyon would suit me best, but wanted to check which one you use, as your blush (and mascara) colours are always on point 🙂

  10. Nat Per

    Little suggestion: the music was a bit distracting and didn’t work with the rhythm of your voice.

  11. floatlikebutterfly88

    gua sha tutorial please!

  12. gurjot kaur

    Omg😱 u are so beautiful ❤️

  13. Molana Oei

    Also thank you SO MUCH Valeria for spotlighting the reusable makeup pads. I've been wondering if you would consider doing a sustainable beauty video for a while and this is so exciting! We can only change the world by being an example, and you have such a fantastic platform for changing people's minds and habits because you are so wonderful and kind in how you speak to all of us! Xoxo Mo

  14. Molana Oei

    I am so interested in the Gua Sha stone! YES please do a tutorial if you have time xo

  15. BinaBina

    No links?? :((

  16. Emily Jackson

    Just a loving suggestion from a long time viewer!! The thumbnail is kind of reminiscent of scammy diy YouTube channels or really juvenile channels, and If it wasn’t you, I def would not have clicked. Just something to keep in mind! It just feels a lot different from your other thumbnails! Love the vid tho

  17. Jennifer Gallardo

    Valeria, i would love to see a video on how you minimize pores and keep your skin looking great 🤗

  18. Jessie Johnson

    please do a gua sha tutorial

  19. Isabel Cervantes

    Lately your thumbnails have been looking like the thumbnails from 5- minute crafts 🤷🏼‍♀️

  20. Cory Blue

    Yes, please do a future video on lymphatic drainage. Love how you approach topics and explain the facts so well.

  21. The A Lister

    My most favorite thing from your beauty essential is the reusable pads. I love everything sustainable and zero waste to keep our environment clean, green, and healthy. Thanks and blessings to you, my beautiful lady, Valeria… Xoxo

  22. Jacqueline Gel

    I love all your product finds ! I literally buy them as you mention them on your insta or other videos. I purchased the rms concealer thanks to you and I love it because it’s so clean formula wise and gentle and lasts so long. I bought the Chanel water tint and it’s amazing I always get compliments when I wear it. I’ve been using the la neige and benefit brow products as well. I feel like I’m on the right Valeria path 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  23. Lily Rose

    I think you look nice and edgy with this black top! you should wear black more often 🙂

  24. Jenkittypaw

    That laneige lip balm is my total obsession. I use it daily not just as a lip mask. It’s is drastically better than any chapstick or lip balm I’ve ever used! Love this video 🙂 💕

  25. 89DoraH

    I need to try the lové dry shampoo! And the oil!

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