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  1. Ogechi Nnamba

    I love your eyes. So pretty

  2. Haritha Mukku

    Super n plz give me some tips of black neck ……..

  3. Sumi Samsul

    I can miss it

  4. Um Pensador!

    Kkkkkkkkkk👎👎 esfregando ácido puro na cara 👏

  5. floop mendes

    You can sing wasabi to the background music

  6. lil yung kima

    you can learn more from my channel health 366

  7. history a journey to know the past

    Show some solution for black neck

  8. goli heydarii



    When life gives your lemons …..

    Make a face mask..DUHH!!😂😂

  10. Caticorn gaming girl

    1:50 every girl who doesn’t have freckles wants them and every girl who does have them dosent want them

  11. Jasmina Murtic

    Sta je turmenic i curd

  12. Haley Berube


  13. S. V DJ

    No reall🖕🏻😡

  14. Kagan Elle

    And…..yeah. The "black dots" are called blackheads…

  15. Kagan Elle

    It looks like barf on her face with the orange mask….

  16. Jubayer ahmed Rabbi

    The first hack will make ur skin yellow

  17. Laura AKA Unicornhippeagall

    1:48 eeeyyyyy!!!! What's wrong with freckles!!! I love freckles!! Ur just being frecklist 😂😂

    Edit – also bih u tryna rub me em of

    Edit 2 – also bih u can't just get rid of them except if they painted on like henna

  18. Miranda Cole

    Using popsicle sticks to put things on your face will give you a splinter!

  19. 4 DevilAngels


  20. 4 DevilAngels

    Don’t orange peels take days too

  21. lucy taylor

    Freckles are beautiful don't ever get rid of them xx

  22. mohammad m

    Who are here again from lazy army please like

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