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  1. DawnOfTheDead991

    18:00 So RBG is dead and that was a stunt?

  2. Juvenescence

    AOC sounds dumb every time she opens her mouth and isn't even one of them sexy ass hispanic chicks. I don't understand why people care what she says.

  3. Scott Pritchett

    46:30 Blonde appropriates Matt trademark slogan

  4. Garry Robertson

    Keep your beefs or mass shootings in the hood?

  5. Beth Bob

    Biden has early onset Alzheimer. He is having trouble, he even forgot Obama's name.

  6. Chet Manley

    MSNBC: ‘In Odessa, TX a white man with a fully semi-automatic AR-47 rifle, shoots a lot of non whites. Initial reports say that the very white man had no known motive. Fuck it. We’re calling it, this toxically white male was a blanco supreme, just like all the rest.’

  7. Trend Laser

    Glad we have someone in Washington DC who wants to protect us from dinosaur cooties.

  8. Patricia Putnam

    Cortez needs the keys to save the world. I wouldn't give her the keys to a 72 Ford Maverick

  9. FGS 9808

    (((Seth))) Ator

  10. Iknowwhy 789

    wait, what?
    There are colleges in Brazil?
    good to know that's why they aren't wasting their time cleaning their rivers & streams

  11. Rodzilla5332

    18 to federally buy a handgun. Some states have made it 21.

  12. Rodzilla5332

    I fucking hate democrats. There is no common ground.

  13. tomass8425

    Mobile (mo-beel) our city was originally founded by the French. As to the shooting. It sounds like what is now a typical ghetto thug beefing with other ghetto thugs. We have a vibrant and growing thug community around here.

  14. EBE

    There is as massive difference between a captain and a specialist as well as the navy and the army.

    That’s a huge gaffe to anyone who has any limited knowledge of the military.


    This is such boring shitt. Tell the blonde to take her shirt off.

  16. EBE

    MSNBC should get no credit for the retraction. They would have never reported this if it were a Democrat. They even ignore it when there is credible evidence against democrats.

  17. FGS 9808

    How is pancreatic cancer a death sentence for everyone else, but the (((dem's golden girl))) stays alive for years

  18. EBE

    The idea that Rachel Maddow know more than anyone on any subject is how I know that entire segment was staged bullshit.

    Maddow is an Alex Jones level conspiracy theorist.

  19. ObliviDan

    Beto looks like a soy-goblin.

  20. coldfusionwaffles

    … So… AOC watched the last ship on hulu…

    That's the origin of her nonsense about frozen viruses under ice… first couple seasons of the show ain't bad just fyi

  21. DontBlameTheDog

    I think it's less about the Odessa shooter being white than being a fragile millennial.

  22. Michael Thomas

    Odessa shooter ….
    — Seth Ator is not a White ..
    This is the second shooter out of Texas that they claim was white ..
    — but like the Dallas shooter Seth Ator is Jewish…
    •••• say it out loud Seth Ator that's a Jewish name ….

  23. Michael Thomas

    AOC is scared of diseases being released, as the ice caps melt ..
    — so she is so scared of those diseases ..
    But doesnt give a shit about the Bubonic Plague and Typhoid that has came back due to leftist policies in California..
    — AOC is also not afraid of the new diseases that unchecked sick illegals bring when they cross the border …
    — no one in the media will date point out the hypocrisy
    — ps …. below freezing temperatures kills the diseases
    But still the thought keeps her awake, just not the actual plagues and diseases actually affecting Americans, due to the "Progressive" actions of these leftist communist ……

  24. EBE

    Most people don’t understand that universal checks require a registry and why a registry is bad.

    That’s why so many support it.

  25. Sage Emerald

    Notorious RGB looks and sounds like a midget piloting a Chuck Cheese animatronic.

  26. EBE

    Gun violence as a “health issue” is just an attempt by leftists to try to reclassify gun rights so that they can restrict and ban them.

    Unless you’re getting lead poisoning, it’s not a health issue.

  27. EBE

    If he shooter had a rifle in the front of his car, I wonder is he was going to his work to shoot people after being fired and happened to get stopped on the way.

  28. GobiLux

    AOC: Even if there are no diseases in the glaciers, there are mosquitoes carrying diseases further up North because of climate change.

    Well AOC, if you don't want diseases to travel further up North, how do you feel about millions of Africans moving into Europe? Aren't they a threat of carrying diseases?

  29. Pete Smith

    I can believe Tim Pool not having any firearms, but what I can't believe is that his brother who lives with him doesn't have firearms, it's hard to know if what Christopher (reactor) says is true or satire but he's mentioned being in the military at some point…

  30. EBE

    AOC frequently does this.

    Makes ridiculous claims.

    Claims “scientists say” but never mentions a source.

    Says we are all going to die.

  31. c k

    So is beto planning on buying back all the ammo I bought legally for my ar 15? Why are the gun buy backers not mentioning the additional billions required for that?

  32. tomass8425

    FMCSA violation means he was a commercial truck driver.

  33. Trevor Macintosh

    Jesus Fucking Christ. I'm not full on supporting everything trump says and does, but how can the top democratic contenders be so amazingly retarded and not choke on their cereal in the morning?

  34. Malter Dwight

    Trump's probably sending tips into these lunatics.

  35. Kurt S

    Remember a month ago, CNN said they won’t name the mass shooters or show their pictures? They didn’t want them to gain any fame.


    Yeah, that lasted a long time.

  36. Kurt S

    I’m just tryin to get some ranch.

  37. TomatoBreadOrgasm

    The Dave Chapelle special was not his best work. It's one of the best standup sets of all time.

  38. TheGreatOldOak

    Sell the AK back one bullet at a time at 715 m/s.

  39. Kurt S

    Matt got his hit piece!

    Unfortunately it’s from a Brazilian university.

  40. mad lad

    My partner has a 12 year old and an 8 year old she is 32 years old owns her own house as do i!, Children don't hold you back beauty but aspiring bullshit will! I am sorry you don't want kids!

  41. Eternal Reign

    As far as RBG goes, there's a huge problem with your system if someone is so old they have to make a public appearance just to let everyone know they're still alive. How many drugs is she on there to even get her to pass as "alive"? You know they picked the day when she was looking her best. What is she like on the other days? Probably not very competent.

  42. NPC 04173

    Yeah, critical and rational thinking is definitely the intellectual dark web. Who comes up with this idiotic, brainless, and uneducated bullshit?

  43. Richard Stokoe

    AOC talks exactly like Rogan when she's winging it.

  44. mad lad

    Beauty''s hair is as fake as Bidens sanity!! But she still a hottie! And Biden is old!!!!

  45. Brandon Moore

    Chappelle stole everything from Big Bear. And for Creepy Joe, he use to tell a story about a truck accident that killed his first wife, that the truck driver was drunk. Reality says that his wife didn't yield to traffic and the trucker couldn't stop in time.

  46. wildshape

    Yes Viruses can be frozen and be brought back alive. But they are geared to attack creatures million years dead.

  47. Travis G.

    I was on a glacier last summer and the guide recommend we try the water running off it. It was bright blue like Gatorade and easily the best water I've ever tasted. Moral of the story: AOC is dumb.

  48. NewGoldStandard

    Biden isn't looking good but I don't believe this gaffe, regarding the two soldiers, reflects on any lack of respect for the two men. I don't believe he should continue this race, but if you're going to say he has early signs of dementia in general, you can't ascribe ill-intent to one specific issue. When he messed up those guys names it wasn't because he's callous, it's the same reason he forgot Barack's name.

  49. Sam Hadden

    How many shootings were there in Chicago this weekend?

  50. Jay Thompson

    AOC is an idiot. ancient pathogens do exist. the problem with them is that the "modern" pathogens tend to kill them outright. she doesn't understand what a vector is.
    vectors are simply modes of transportaion used by a disease. malaria uses mosquitoes, bubonic plague used fleas that in turn were carried by rats that in turn were carried by ships.

    also, to think that mosquitoes are the cause and need to be exterminated show a sheer and irrefutable stupidity of the issuer. mosquitoes are to the land what plankton is to the oceans. a needed, valued and foundational part of the food chain. you eradicate mosquitoes and then you are going to lose 99% of all amphibians and freshwater fish that depend on the mosquito as a food source. then you're going to lose 99% of the reptiles and land animals that use fish and amphibians as a food source.

    this what soy protien does to you folks. it makes you stupid.

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