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  1. Fathima Hurain

    Tq sooooooo much ma'am… M goin 2 start frm 2mrw… I really hv hope on u… Thnx again❤

  2. Sayeeda Khanam Sayeeda Khanam

    Thyroid patients can use oziva protein powder

  3. Umzi Rama

    Good one ….but pls an alternative for the powder. If not contents we can add without the powder pls.

  4. Aishvarya Reddy

    I’m a vegan how can I substitute yogurt?

  5. Farida Khan

    I m allergic to cucumbers. I catch heavy cold if i eat cucmbers. Any substitute for cucumber raita. Pls reply..

  6. Sharmila Ansari

    Mam do worior diet plan plzz

  7. Deepthi Kondamena

    Hi Vicky..I lost 12kgs weight in 26 days(including cheat days) with your egg diet plan…am very much thankful to you.. Your an awesome women giving us many healthy & beneficial diet plans….God bless you dear..loads of love.. Please make a video for hormonal imbalance and pcos.. Please do reply…

  8. Sonia Bamba

    I just subscribed.

  9. Bhargavi Bala

    Pls can thyroid patients consume millets daily like foxtail millet and little millet pls do reply

  10. lovely girl

    Hello , can u pls make a video on improvement on shortsightness,for eyesight.. This is very much requested video from long time @verstaile vicky.. very much waiting for the video on this topic.

  11. Ragi radhakrishnan

    Iam a feeding mother,can I follow this diet

  12. bindu parikh

    Happy Diwali nice diet plan ,, what is the other option of the powder

  13. Bilal khan Wazir

    Plz prepare diet plan for gastric and migraine….

  14. sai devi

    Thanku for the diet plan…vickyyy…Happy diwali…😍😍💐

  15. Durga Madyar

    Hi mam can I use curd instead of yogurt

  16. walia huda

    Vicky m yr fan lost 2 KGS on the very first day and today m on second day on yr green diet just wanted to know what can I take as a pre workout meal in this diet as only cucumber not sufficient for giving me energy for workout ,I workout in the evening basically

  17. Sindhuja S

    Hello mam… I am in China I don't get Oziva products here.. But I am available of amazing grass similar to Oziva can I take it… Pls mam reply me… I have to start this diet for marriage..

  18. Sarika Gautam

    Love your voice 👌👌👌… Followed your apple smoothie found the amazing weight loose results within few days….. thanks for sharing such an amazing diet and i wish you very happy Diwali 🙏🙏🙏

  19. Mita K

    Any replacement for the yogurt? I have dairy allergy.

  20. Chaitra Vg

    Happy Diwali vicky

  21. Chaitra Vg

    Dinner super Vicky..❤️

  22. Fariha Siddique

    Ozifa is not available at Pakistan, also Amazon not working here, any substitute of this ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓

  23. mahima rathore

    Thanks Vicky 🥰😘
    Happy Diwali to you🎉🎊

  24. Rupali Rai

    your voice is very positive and inspiring…thanks and Happy Diwali…

    also want to ask I have 6 kidney stones in both the sides can I follow this diet

  25. Din raj

    Can we use curds instead of yogurt ?

  26. Vidhya Jayakumar

    Thank you .wish you happy Diwali

  27. India Pawankalyan

    Wish you happy Diwali 😍

  28. Neha Das

    U hv an excellent voice quality

  29. Ameena G.amina


  30. Sindhuja Julian

    Hi sis…can u upload a video on diet plan for pregnant women for each trimester to avoid weight gain

  31. ujwala dash

    Is this diet suitable for uric acid patients

  32. Shraddha Patil

    Hello Vicky Hindi mai kab aayega green diet plan

  33. Shabbir Ahmad


  34. Rajni Kumari Attri

    Mam aap ki plan ke karn muje baby boy hoya 7yrs ke baad u mam superb

  35. lavanya prabha

    If any Option for powder

  36. sunitha kalakuntla

    Wow wonderful plan.. thank you

  37. mansi pahwa

    It's awsmmm

  38. I am from Iraq, a good follow-up for you, but I do not understand the language possible to translate videos to benefit and thank you with all my heart

  39. Fatma Salim

    Can I skip oziva powder I don't know where a l can get.plz rep love 🇰🇪😘👍

  40. seemron Bajracharya

    plzz make this video on vickypedia😊

  41. Zeenat Shaikh

    Very nice video

  42. mrs G

    CAn I replace oziva powder with moringaleaves Powder and gooseberry

  43. Jazmin Ali

    What I really don’t like about Vicky is that she works so hard to help us,but she never ever comes back to reply to our important questions, sometimes your subscribers really needs you❌👎🏻✌🏻

  44. nawey safi

    thank you so much

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