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  1. Tom Hamilton

    I was a victim of heartburn, chest pain and acid reflux but right after utilizing this acid reflux disease treatment solution “Dοcuzu Rαkα” (Gοοgle it), those concerns were definitely disappeared. Continuous exhaustion and rashes were gone also. I feel really wholesome and wonderful at the same time.. .

  2. Vimi Brown

    Hello juliet ,,sorry for late response ,, ive started on your playlist … so you can also watch mind when you find the time… awesome collection

  3. jjac'Keee KooKz


  4. The Verderas Vlog

    Hi darling great to know 🙂 You know what also helps Kangen water. Have you heard of it?

  5. SheLearnsLife

    I have problems with a burning feeling in my stomach.

  6. Yak Yak Yeah tv

    hadir selalu sobat ku memabwa like
    mantap videonya dan terbaik

  7. TouchBySofie Green

    Will ave to try it ave stomach problems even now am up can't sleep because of it acid reflux/ the rest thank you so much😍😘

  8. Cadillac's Corner

    Like the vid very helpful. Because I suffer with stomach issues. HAPPY Turkey day 💖💖💖💖😁😁😁

  9. Jessica Jasmine

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  10. Maia Ritchie

    Wow, this is truly amazing! My grandparents would like it 🌸

  11. Scott Bibler

    I love holistic cures for problems. Thanks for sharing

  12. Rebecca Ho

    Informative, thanks for sharing!!!


    Exelent very good.Likkee I subscribe me .You visit my channel and subscribe you

  14. DiamondVidYTGirly

    Cool video

  15. Wolff Gang

    Just found your channel and subbed I also loveed your video alot. Keep it up and your channel will grow. I also have some vlogs if you are interested.  😁 hope u sub back

  16. Simply Max

    Wow I have acid reflux love your channel I just subb thanks for stopping by my channel today💛💛💛✌🏾✌🏾

  17. IamWindyP

    I just subbed back. Thank you for checking my channel!

  18. Lovely Curls

    Hi there.New subbie here.Hope you can check us too and sub back.Thank you.

  19. Carry on Jeff n John

    Subbed your awesome channel thanks for your sub we have subbed your channel back support our channel and we will always support your channel back nice tip comment and we will comment back some youtubers sub then take it back which is sad 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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