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  1. Nature Fix

    Carrot juice works great in cancer.

  2. Tom Cañete

    Can caroots cure oral cancer?

  3. Christopher Cardono

    Make sure all fruits and vegetables are organic and NON GMO or otherwise it will not help you fight against cancers and other diseases. God Bless you all.

  4. Toni O'Toole

    This is what we need to teach our children. They need to know WHY they should eat fruit and vegetables.

  5. Zeledo Health

    carrots is very delicous

  6. Tushar imran

    Can carrot cure for CML blood cancer the one who have cancer and change the blood after 3 months patient ?'is it cured for the one who already have a cml cancer and changed blood after 3 months patient ? Ples treply urgent

  7. kavitha godha

    My husband suffering from blood cancer and taking chemotherapy from last 3months will dis really help in curing cancer pls tell me.

  8. Deborah O.

    I eat a serious amount of carrots all the time n tomatoes ecause since a child I loved them CRAZY!
    Time will tell I guess

  9. ozskipper

    This is just quackery. If a person is incapable of diagnosing your cancer, why would you let them prescribe a cure?

  10. Readthe Lyric

    Does it important if carrots ate organic or not?

  11. Readthe Lyric

    I need cook it or eat it in natura?

  12. Maximum Max

    Carrot 2 Carrots a day stop Cancer?

  13. Maximum Max

    Someone please be honest with me my sister has stage 4 Cancer she too weak to do Chemo and surgery she has at least well a month and God is the one who heals


    Thank you for making these videos available as otherwise I would not be able to confirm this important information as I do forget the details and it is always good to be reminded by people who you can trust.

  15. Christian Rojas

    Arent carrots acidic ?

  16. Rodney Putman

    I love eat carrots I start eat 2 carrots a day and I love Broccoli I can eat about 3 a a day am plant based I have since jan 1 2017 I found out I can get more protein then I can handle

  17. Barbara Dlusky

    I juice 5 lbs of carrots a day

  18. Access Dawah

    People we are at war against the criminals in the big pharma industry, please do share your experiences if you are cancer survivors and help others to do what you did, instead of being fried with radiation and chemo.
    Share your knowledge and experiences we all need each other.
    Peace all

  19. The Body

    Does anybody kiss their fruits and vegetables because they love so much?……not like me by the way 😉

  20. Srinivas Rao

    fine explanation

  21. Mike Moses

    God almighty the Creator of all wether you believe it or not won’t change the fact he is the Eternal Lord of host Laid it all out for us but we never seem to listen, so we suffer for the poor choices we make in life unfortunately which is is a resuof direct disobedience to the one who created and gave us all. 
    States in REVELATION 22: verses 1 and 2 
    1 And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. 2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
    Hippocrates > Quotes > Whom the doctors all have a copy of in there offices but never tell you to do as he taught which States below… “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

  22. Dorothy Lasiak

    Thank u so much always my special Lord Jesus always

  23. Samuel Avraham

    Those studies are from 1999, are there no new ones following up on this?

  24. М

    God didn't create nuklear plants, radioaktive bombs,

  25. Louise M-D

    carbs read Diet Prevents Polio by Dr benjamin Sandler

  26. Louise M-D

    better in dark greens,more complete food n ,less sugar

  27. raziel raziel

    ye but was size of carrot??? mid or baby carrot or large carrot,, >>?

  28. arif ali

    Thx for sharing. Very informative n valuable.

  29. Akter Rafia

    could stop stage 4 cancer

  30. Sandra Carli

    Interesting but the music in the background is a bit too loud, in my opinion.

  31. firesideav

    2 ~ Kewl . . . YOU ~ ROCK ! !

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