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  1. triple threat

    I can't stress enough how much I want your chanel to blow up you're the most underrated youtuber EVER!!! look at the way you edit, it's unbelievable!! 😫👏🏻💖

  2. ChiChi Appio

    I’m gonna comment on every video I watch now. Why? Cuz I’m throughly entertained by this channel. Want to send back some good vibes that I get from here

  3. Mzblueyed Barbie

    Where can I find a clear plastic mason cup like yours?? I'm the same way I have to have a special cup.

  4. Shinkou Kitten


  5. Reagan Cameron

    I became so thrilled to take the diet program “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it). I did not alter my very own eating habits and also did not boost my workout level. In merely a short period of 1 month, I actually dropped 6 pounds. The tactic has let me ate less and getting full is faster. .

  6. GoldenFlower And Friends Studios

    Hey Sundai do you have any advice for people who are very VERY picky about food, I really hate mushrooms and kale stuff like that, some advice would be really nice

  7. GoldenFlower And Friends Studios

    Hi Sundai, I’m trying to go on a diet, but I don’t know what is good and what is bad calorie wise some advice would be reeeeaally helpful, btw you are a Inspiration for me✌🏻

  8. JaiC Bacote

    Shadow abs 😂🤣💀

  9. Nijael Mustafa

    Yes❤️ I am so inspired

  10. ajanay23

    Another great video. Let's buy the book y'all

  11. The_Girl_ With_Curls

    Do your hips ever pop when doing leg raises? I try to do them more but I constantly feel my hips pop and I wanted to know if it was the same for you.

  12. Stephanie Carter

    What do you cook your mushrooms in? Oil?

  13. Terry Jackson


  14. Makayla Flowers

    Why do u live in japan

  15. lchildress712

    Hi I just want to say I love your channel. You're so amazing! I just realized I got ground turmeric not regular turmeric after watching your losing weight quickly video. Is there a huge difference you think? I'm so upset;(

  16. Elizabeth

    I watched 2 seconds of you talking and I subscribed

  17. Game Master

    what time do you recommend drinking the apple cider vinegar?? I wake up quite early 6:30. is that too early to have this drink ?? amazing video helps so much !!!!

  18. PrincessYoni

    What did you put in your bath water?

  19. GaiitanBeth82

    Amazing 😍😍😍😁😁 thankyou

  20. Nabila Baraja

    You are the funniest youtubers ever i swearr😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

  21. The 8 Below Kitchen

    💖 Yay! Started a 2 day cleanse this morning mainly just to de-bloat, this just gave me so much motivation and inspiration for tomorrow. You are just awesome 💖

  22. Gia-Marie

    Hey sis! Loved this video! Definitely trying this out. One thing I wanna say is, be careful with putting hot water in glass. The particles break down into the water you consume.

  23. Dee

    Mannnn I can’t wait until I look like her “before” body 😂 in due time! Just came across her channel, binge watching now 🤗

  24. Nichole Ogden

    Can u shiw us how u make ur soups please

  25. annmeria chatram

    Please do more videos as this one, what you eat in a day, detox , healthy meals❤️ you are inspiring!
    Love you

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