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  1. Sarah J McCracken

    I struggle with this too, could have a pen a paper by your bed and write down everything that's on your mind…

  2. Ivette Naisha ferrer

    The best thing about losing weight is that you feel lighter. I lose 5 pounds in 1 week by following this method: => the2weekdietnow. com <= (G00GLE it) 💗❤❤

  3. Mary Stewart

    Thank you for your wonderful video very nice.good job you have helped me more than you no.💜💙❤💛💚💙💜💙❤💛💜💛💚💙💜

  4. Anita Joseph

    I don't really see it but keep it pushing sis

  5. Reanna Coonc

    Hi hun how do I check out your amazon store? I tried just putting I. Marriage and motherhood store but it just comes up with marriage counseling books 😂😂 thankfully I don’t need help in that department but I am looking to buy a blender like yours.

  6. kate laverty

    Please can someone tell me why American people always eat off paper/plastic plates? And with plastic cutlery? WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?? WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS???!?!?!

  7. Junifer Q. Sparrowhawk

    Whoever said you can't do strawberries was wrong.. you can do fruits on keto, they just need to be berries. The fiber cancels out some of the carb count and berries are the fruits that are lowest in sugar.

  8. Ciera Dickerson

    I totally agree with not comparing yourself to others. I have lost almost 40 pounds and I don't see a drastic change. I am short and i feel the difference in my clothes and i have looked at picture and can see slight changes (my rings are loose, my pants and a little in my face), but other that lose it's very clear they have lost.

  9. ucherek1

    Is there a book or something you used to start keto to know what to eat and what not to eat? I’d like to get started!

  10. Jaye Baker

    Rock Star Jeans from Old Navy make great jeans . perfect fit for my opinion.

  11. Fernanda Cabrita

    Listen classic music or I read from the book not the phone 📱 I work at nigh 3 times a week so the time I have to sleep I really do sleep lol

  12. Ashley Linares Gutierrez

    “im a light sleeper,anything will wake me up” girl I’m a heavy real heavy noting will wake me up sometimes my alarm will not wake me up

  13. Katia CC

    what's your jeans brand?

  14. Regina Harris

    You Look Great Girl…Keep up the good work…Wishing you great success👍🏽

  15. Crazybirdladyyy T

    A tips from me that have suffered from bad anxiety is that I used to buy lavender candles, it might seem simple but sometimes that is all it takes but anyways you light the candle up and then your brain instantly have something
    To focus on (the smell) it works for distracting the brain ❤️ Hope This helps!

  16. Frances Martinelli

    Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries are keto friendly. One quarter cup is a serving. Three strawberries are fine, I wouldn't sweat it. In fact,
    blueberries have an abundance of anti-oxidants and are very good for you. They would be better for your smoothies.

  17. Irsi Montero

    Wow!! Congratulations!!!

  18. bluesgirl

    you look great!

  19. shinehine myat


  20. footfulla Franks

    love you videos

  21. honeydew gem

    Girl I can relate to the sleeping issues 3 :00 am is when i wake up!

  22. Jeremy Rockhold

    8 more weeks means nearly 40 lb…..keep swimming. You look fantastic!

  23. miaco2002

    Living for your videos right now. I feel like
    You are so relatable! I’m new to Keto and my first week lost 6.5lbs but now I’m stalled out even though I’m eating the same and I feel kinda down on myself. Trying to think long term and power thru it like you did when you stalled or had a bad week.

  24. Frances Mask

    damn girl thats amazing..congratulations u worked hard 🏆🏆🏆🏆from 🥐🍧🍪🍝🚫 to now🍓🥦🍳☕ yass👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾

  25. Frances Mask

    lmaooo i live for u jamaican makin me happy…🤣😋😋😋😋

  26. Lady Virtue

    I watch ASMR and mukbang videos to calm me down. They're good

  27. Christin Bingley

    Old navy have jeans with good stretch. Their "Rockstar" fit are great. I promise.

  28. JaBaari Visbalóz

    You are beautiful

  29. Jen Jen

    Amazing! I lost 13 pounds in 11 days on keto but I think it's all water weight. Waiting for the fat to start shedding. I am losing inches though.

  30. Holly Owens

    I had got word how carbohydrates were correlated to weight gain and so generally to steer clear of carbohydrates, in spite of this had in no way never ever contemplated using them to trim inches away. The primary idea behind the four cycle weight-loss method is to train your whole body to get rid of fat for fuel instead of just carbohydrate. It’s founded on scientific inquiry into the higher than average carb diets of the Japanese combined with their incredible long life expectancy. The research validate the fact that it’s their high carb-cycling eating habits means that could help to keep on being healthy into old age with a lower than average body mass index (lower incidence of unhealthy weight).Read much more here https://tinyurl.com/ybrell6b

  31. Zak Dank

    Can definitely see a difference. Keep up the good work!

  32. Yung Icey

    Guys i lost 150 pounds another 50 to go! I lost 35 Pounds in 2 weeks by a water fast! Started intermediate fasting with high fat low carb kinda keto but my young icey mid to it . I ate 10 calories a day

  33. Jennifer Martin

    Awesome Job!!! You are such a great motivator!! I am grateful for your channel. It gives me some ideas on what to prepare for my husband and I. I am a creature of habit but I don't want to bore him. I hit a new low this week, Down 60 lbs now!!! I started March 4th. Keep it going cause you are helping me stay focus!!👍🏼 Blessing to you and your family

  34. Evan Emskamp

    I can see it in your face drastically. Its a BIG difference. Keep at it.

  35. Cian


  36. Erica Edwards

    I just experienced this last night. My mind was all over the place. Lol!! I am new to IF and getting adjusted to cut off meal times.

  37. Veronica Perez

    Hi Jia. I’m new to your channel. I did enjoy your video. Congrats on the weight loss. I did notice it most on your face. So I’m the same height as you and have been trying the keto diet now for about 2 1/2 weeks. I initially lost 3 lbs but now I’ve stalled and just in the last week I decided to fast in the morning. I haven’t lost anything. I’m disappointed because I’ve been really trying and notice people having much better results than me. I usually stop eating at around 8pm and if I do snack no later than10:00 then fast until about 1:00 pm the next day. Any suggestions. 😕

  38. Glenndell Wornum

    You look amazing, I can see the difference. I have been researching this healthy way of eating for my life. I will be starting my journey on this Sunday morning.

  39. tamikaofdetroit

    Forgot to tell u on my last comment- you look great!

  40. Kolondus Broadnax

    Great video….just starting keto…. trying to lose 20lbs for health reasons hope this works❤😊

  41. Haddy Dee

    You look great!!! You seem lighter and happier…Keep it up!

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