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  1. Rachel Andriani

    How about how to gain weight in whole plant based diet

  2. dj121

    Pasta by itself without added fat or oil doesn't make you fat no matter how much you eat. I eat up to 3000 calories of whole wheat pasta in one day and I only have a BMI of 18-19 and it has never been higher in my entire life. You can eat as much grains and potatoes as you want and you will not become overweight and you will lose weight if you are overweight. As long as you don't eat more than 15-20% fat and avoid added oil and saturated fat.

  3. fire7side

    I have beans and bread for lunch pretty much every day. I'm going to start adding a salad, too. I have an apple sliced up in my oatmeal for breakfast along with blueberries. It's too bad so many people are turned off by beans because they get gas from them. It's just a matter of eating them regularly and getting the right type of bacteria in the gut.

  4. Dan Cagle

    Magic beans. Beans, beans–the more you eat the healthier you are.  I'm going to eat some right now.

  5. richlinlaw

    jet propelled

  6. Bijan OK

    Great… Thank you.

  7. Lauren Burger

    Second meal effect of Beans is amazing.

  8. K H

    Awesome as always, Dr Greger!

  9. SJ14

    Weight loss tip: cause so much digestive issues on a vegan diet that you don’t ever want to eat anything

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