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  1. Rebecca Autin

    If you are interested in joining the kickee buy, sell, trade group on FB, let me know!!

  2. lizzclare

    Hi from 38 wks pregnant 🙂

  3. angela27121

    Did you try the célery sticks for the acid reflux?
    You ll be amazed really! It works. :).

  4. citizenjenna

    Try papaya pills for acid reflux you can find them at a health food or vitamin store 🙂

  5. starbuxjunki3

    My bad! It's Prilosec that u take in the am before you eat

  6. starbuxjunki3

    You're supposed to take Zantac in morning prior to eating to prevent acid reflux it's not supposed to be taken when you first start to feel it if that's what you want my doctor told me the best is chewable Pepcid complete make sure it's complete comes in bottle with red cap or you can find generic. I e had acid reflux for years 🙁 and the Pepcid complete works right away. Also I ordered a few new bite lipsticks they haven't come yet please do the review of ones you bought

  7. the unfancy

    I did the genetic blood test and it came back positive for a neural tube defect. So now I have genetic counseling and a special ultrasound on Monday morning. I'm praying for a false positive and that my baby is okay. I don't remember doing the test at all with my first.

  8. Leanne Devenney

    I must ask my doctor thanks so so much for your help xxx

  9. GiGi Vargas - Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

    You look great, Lorraine! Don't worry now about losing weight, and enjoy your pregnancy! 💜

  10. Deirdre Begley

    great video

  11. Rosanna Jyn

    You look awesome!

  12. Leanne Devenney

    At what stage do they check for downs

  13. Leanne Devenney

    How do you cope with the exhaustion!! Xx

  14. ArtInMyHeartStudio

    Congratulations, you look great! Do u still co-sleep with your son? If not how did u manage to move him to his bed? 😜

  15. Yesi112306

    When I was pregnant I craved the same drink but in the blood orange flavor!!

  16. AfroTee

    So glad you're feeling good. You look great. With my first I loved citrus but I had to stop drinking orange juice and eating oranges because it gave me horrid heartburn. She was also born with an Afro so maybe the oranges had nothing to do with it and the old wives were right. Haha! Stay well. Blessings.

  17. Becky Nelson

    I have 3 kids and there is a 7-year gap between the 2nd and 3rd. We got rid of EVERYTHING after the first two, so I had to re-buy for the third. I loved shopping for the third because I knew exactly what is necessary and what wasn't. The things I bought were probably more expensive than what I had the first time, but I needed fewer things. I loved starting over 🙂

  18. DeeplySuperficialEgo

    I've been watching your vlogs for years now… I'm super happy for you! Happy pregnancy! Love your vlogs…

  19. Chronically CherylD

    Good tip for bath toys is to put a drop of hot glue over the hole so no water gets in!

  20. Judy Poppins

    Love your baby buys , will you be doing a house update ? You always have such lovely things 😍

  21. SillyMando2008

    That dock a tot is expensive!

  22. violetsandlavender

    you look glowing and beautiful

  23. Cistal c

    A spoon of mustard stops heartburn in its track. Try it.


    You look beautiful and have the perfect little baby tummy! I gave birth over a year ago, and I still look pregnant :/ Would be overjoyed to hear your weight loss tips!

  25. msorganicglam

    The pregnancy is so beautiful, then I was pregnant and I had acid reflux, my midwife recorded me papaya. My way dealing with acid reflux was skipping dinner I was eating just a couple spoons full. I gain 27 pound during pregnancy and the baby was 9,5 pounds. And then while breastfeeding I lost 55 pounds total no diet or exercise it was crazy.

  26. SolSamantx

    Congrats on making it to 20 weeks! I'm 22 weeks with a girl, it's so fun to watch your updates. You're makeup looks beautiful btw!

  27. caillin000

    You look so beautiful and radiant 💜

  28. kmseaton

    I'm due 7/16 and just found out we are having a girl! We have a 14 month old little boy already 🙂

  29. Lisa Ellis

    I think you look beautiful. I am happy you are doing so well.

  30. E S

    I heard apple cider vinegar helps acid reflux!!

  31. Kristen

    your skin looks amazing!

  32. cocolateeda

    Are you having a hard time coming up with a name or do you already have it in mind? I'm having the hardest time!!

  33. Schlurpies

    You're looking pregnant to me!

  34. Caroline P

    you look AMAZING!! <3

  35. Haley George

    What nail polish are you wearing? I'm on the hunt for that perfect nude color!

  36. Michelle

    your makeup looks gorgeous in this!!!!

  37. Sheri Gurley

    You look great , enjoy your pregnancy

  38. XoXoLesley

    I found out yesterday that I am having another boy! I am 21 weeks today and I am also craving orange. Mainly orange flavored things. I can't get enough!

  39. Trista

    awh. I'm so excited for you! I loved watching your pregnancy updates last time 🙂

  40. Sara Elizabeth Woods

    can you include the brands of what you are wearing when you show you're bump like you did on your last pregnancy? I like knowing about all the outfits. thanks

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