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  1. Cristina Pinteac


  2. Nigger Nugget

    Im saying to myself like why didn't you watch this film before. I cried out loud becuase of laughing and im just still in the first 20 minutes of it now.

  3. Mint Sugar

    Y'all watch the movie

  4. L.A. Prodigy

    Oh, here comes all the sensitive people, lets get the microwave ready to go

  5. Queen Amour

    This movie was life!!!

  6. kpop lover

    This movie is so good its a must see Korean movie. You can learn a lot of things about this.

  7. Himanshu Yadav

    Where have i listed the 0:35….hmmmm

  8. mochi

    Nunca me cansare de verlo. ME ENCANTAAAA.

  9. yunicorn

    Wow, that's one of the worst fat suits I've ever seen. XD

  10. The Marrionet

    Oh such nostalgia

  11. Humane Criminal V

    This is seriously my childhood movie, probably seen it more than 6 times lmao

  12. xX Flashwings Xx

    1:44 everyone in front of their crush-

  13. dasi

    Dude I always thought this movie only existed in 480p

  14. Camille Frances C. Leaño

    Is that seol and deul's appa!?😍😱 or not?😂

  15. Pavithra M

    Best movie I have ever watched!

  16. Jing Jing


  17. Layla Ali

    When ur 190 lbs….. I’m 5’11 though whew

  18. orlandobabe

    Hollywood better not remake this cause they would kills the beauty of this story. I loved this film.

  19. Oli Rose

    There is a Korean drama that I watched similar to this called the Birth of a Beauty~

  20. Irlanda L

    Imagine if the US made a movie like this…everybody would be so fucken pissed LOL

  21. Otaku Inventor

    Oh so that's where the traffic accident scene was from, looks pretty good. might check it out later.

  22. chun_li fury

    I hate this kinda story that said you have to be slim and have a certain type of face to have the right to be beautiful and loved

  23. Amln

    I still can't belive its her real voice

  24. Solo Zoe

    So you just live like this if you‘re skinny?

  25. Ivan Baltazar


  26. Raneem Ali

    I watched this movie it made me cry

  27. Arfah Bari

    0:59 😂😂😂

  28. Valerie Atencio


  29. Kendall Casperson

    I love this movie so much I watched it right when it came out. This is an awesome movie it’s a Korean drama classic.

  30. Patrick Martin

    Look like malaysian movie in 2003 "Cinta Kolesterol " try watch it…

  31. thecruise show

    if you wants to live according the world rules you would never been able to.
    either you are too skinny or too fat
    either you are a trashy looking whore or you are too Conservative
    either you are plastic doll or your natural features looks like man
    the list can go on forever so f*** them all be the way you wants to be. because according to them you are never perfect so why try to be it

  32. Issy to Bizzy

    i loved this movie

  33. ViktorNotRussian

    Ok that’s clearly not directed to me.

  34. Mike Wang

    that's some twisted values these Koreans have….

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