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  1. Michelle Trefethen

    Adam Duritz…Mama saw you hating…shame on you, ain’t no secrets under this Big Top buddy Boy and now SHE has her EYE on YOU…enjoy that …Round here, we/act just like Lions, and WE sacrifice like LAMBS…SB out

  2. Michelle Trefethen

    The dresses are so beautiful, it’s like a dream come true…Thank you Designers for such stunning and feminine- provocative, imaginative and colorful GOWNS! Fun, fun, fun!

  3. Vita Lynné

    Hailie Sahar looks beautiful … absolutely beautiful.

  4. Michelle Trefethen

    Partridge Family indeed!!!

  5. Masal Delisi

    1:30:51 who is this

  6. Amine Zerhouni

    where is jon and dany please

  7. Nomore Illegals please

    Blood sucking demons.

  8. brodey1971

    What a Catastrophe !!! This is what Hollywood looks like when we are living in terrible times….. Remember the 80s and 90s when we had STARS…..now they call them Celebs….lol…..I call them the NONENTITY awards !!! All the mediocre people have ruined Hollywood ….it's like living in Nashville now… And these Hosts….WhoTF are They ???? HORRIBLE !!!!!!! omfg

  9. acatalepsy

    alfie was snubbed

  10. Warren Jackson

    All slugs.

  11. Hingle McCringleberry

    The emmys tanked for a reason. When is hollywood going to learn? We watch movies for leisure and entertainment purposes. To get away from the worlds and every day problems. Not run to them. We don’t care about what they think about Trump, feminism or other bs politics. Shut your mouth, do your job. Complain on your own time celebs!

  12. turkeydog9

    Bunch of Satanists patting their backs

  13. Alexandru Octavian Bucur

    I see today the Emmy in internet because here in Romania not give Emmy at tv is very good you posted Maisie Williams is the most beautiful girl in the world i like very much her black dress her black hair She is an Angel is not good she not winn I am always whit Maisie I Love Her Whit All my Heart #Maisie I a

  14. Janet Pitts

    Steven Colbert and Trevor watever can be gone for good! They're just 2 more Hollywood puppets!

  15. kaeyzz ;》

    Why waste Emmanuelle Vaugier not featured? Didn’t she go?

  16. Dia F

    OMG….so boring….same stupid questions….blah,blah, blah

  17. Roman Polisevych

    The press about Emmy Awards 2019: http://royaldesign.ua/ru/emmy-awards-2019-pobediteli-i-krasnaya-dorojka.bXn85/

  18. Marmite yum

    wtf where was Trevor Noah??

  19. Mamipe37 MabesiMiannoPe

    This Fox, so No intelligent 😅😂🤣

  20. Timothy G

    An award show full of pedophiles/rapists and druggies! Hollywood actors getting a false Idol award given by the pedophile pigs that run Hollywood!! The truth is coming out on these scumbags!!

  21. Mali

    Donde esta mi @Laura Prepon 🙁

  22. paul mac

    these no talent hacks pass out awards like gerbils at an ass clown convention

  23. TurkI.R


  24. Big Bulk

    What a completely pointless video…wonder how these people remain employed.

  25. Dracopticon

    Not a WORD about the Chernobyl series! Boooooooo!

  26. zam

    So proud of Jodie 🖤

  27. Monica Angelini

    How old isthat E red carpet "girl"? 12? She cant ecen carry and own her decolleté. So fed up to see these

  28. Cezy Nicolescu

    How come Alffie didn't win ?? his performance was fantastic

  29. Rick Brosky

    SO BAD. So.sad

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