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  1. Shane And Niecey Chandler

    What a experience!!

  2. Elaine A

    Y’all are SO cute!

  3. Sunita Bauri

    Mam suggest some products for full body whitening..

  4. Carolyn Madrinkian

    How did I not know about this??!! I would have loved to have gone. Do they have it every year? If so I NEED to go next year.

  5. Carla Tullis

    Wow what a great experience you had with your Mom ! Thank You

  6. Jennifer Holt

    Oh wow looked like so much fun! You're mom is such a sweetheart & so beautiful! I'm glad y'all had a good time together 💖 Oh and your facial really paid off your face was perfection 😍

  7. lornatysie1

    Thank you so much for sharing Kim it looks amazing your goodies were brilliant you're your moms double two gorgeous girls 💖💝💗 xxx

  8. Kimberly Jackson

    That is sooo cool love that you went with your mom and had a great time😁♥️

  9. Crystal Cameron

    OMG you guys are so cute together …Loved the video

  10. Dana Hoover

    Your brows looked amazing!!!

  11. HeidiOfAllTrades

    Aww 😍😍 you and your Mom are the cutest!! 💗💗💗 looked like so much fun!! Also, You know what I freaking love about you?! You’re so real and down to earth. You don’t fake it and put on this facade. 🙌🙌 you’re the best Kim!

  12. Jo Ann Golis

    So much fun!!!! You and your mom are so sweet. ❤️

  13. After Sun Living

    Looovvvveeee it! I wanna gooooo next time 💖💖💖 excellent video kim!!!

  14. Kim Hough

    Thanks for sharing this Kim! I don't know anything about this event…how do you get invited and is it always in LA? Looks like you and your Mom had a great time!

  15. Lulu Ladimir

    Awww this looks like so much fun! The video was so well done that I almost feel like I was there lol! Gotta go to the next one for sure with my Sis💜. Thanks for sharing so kindly and so often!

  16. Millie Hicks

    Absolutely amazing, thank you for sharing! I didn't even know about this event until a few days ago. This is something I would LOVE to go to and would pay for the VIP tickets! 🤗 Also, you and your Mom looked beautiful! So glad to see that she also had a wonderful time! 😊

  17. Laura Parkes

    To all of Kim’s sweet viewers who were so complimentary to me, (the mom), you guys are way way way too kind. i feel so blessed that Kim continually includes me in her fabulous adventures. As her Mom i have to say “MY DAUGHTER IS BEYOND AMAZING”!!!! We had so much fun together, I am blessed.

  18. Ji Shim Hyang

    Loved it 💕💜🤩😍 an amazing experience to share with your mom … priceless 🤩 Oooh and the goodie bag made the event soOo worth the price ✨💖✨

  19. Sue Franklin

    You and your mom look so much alike. Both beautiful!

  20. Luna888

    Thanks for sharing the video with us, you guys have so much fun. You mom looks amazing.

  21. Jamey Sommers

    Kim, it looked so fun. Your skin was like “Glass”. You looked flawless. The eyelashes you chose made your eyes pop. You look so much like your mother. She is gorgeous. It brightened my boring Sunday to see the two of you having so much fun. Glad you are back today😃

  22. Better Late Than Never

    I woke up right at the end. What a wonderful trip with your mom! You two are so cute together! 💗💗💗

  23. Kat Depasse

    Love this!!! I wish I could have gone.

  24. SomethingBeautiful COB

    Oh how fun!

  25. joe Williams

    Absolutely enjoyed this wonderful video. Thank you for sharing. Your mother is absolutely gorgeous. You look like sisters. xoxo roseingeorgia

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