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  1. NinnyHorse

    “”scandinavian”” women wearing minimal makeup is always popular (ie trad wives) why is this now a “trend” ??

  2. Asma Gillani shah

    No contouring no bronzing no highlighting no fake lashes no winged eye linear still looks presentable

  3. Tori Goth

    Hi, what brush did you use to spread your foundation?

  4. pegasusjourney

    Beautiful eyes, your eyes are the color I would have picked if I had been given a choice at birth. Thank you for the tutorial, love natural look. Also, I appreciate you not using filters, and if you did, I can still see your natural skin imperfections, like real women have 🙂 keep up, I subscribed!

  5. Seasonalien

    I'm Danish and honestly, the idea that Scandinavian women wear this kind of glowy, hazy and elfish makeup is a myth… at least when it comes to younger women. they normally just wear like mascara, cat eyeliner and dark eyebrows. That's about it. We as a people are just as average, unflattering and uncreative with makeup as any other nation, lol.

  6. aesthetic mess

    As a Finnish person I prefer minimal makeup. You are right about jewelry. While I use eyebrow pencil, mascara and nose highlight and sometimes concealer under eyes, I never leave without a necklace. Something about necklaces really makes you beautiful. I also pick earrings if I wear my hair up or when my ears will show up.

  7. Alexa A

    I lovveeee this minimal makeup look and I use the glossier skin tint to get that cute glow BUT I have very oily skin and I don't know what to use that's similar :((((((

  8. Aabidah Baksh

    most of Europe wears minimal makeup. It's not just Scandinavia

  9. Meringue Lemon

    No make-up make-up makes women look young.
    Instegram make up makes women liok old.

  10. A C

    I love seeing less hyped up makeup brands being used 🙂

  11. blackcat138

    But .. but I'm not Scandinavian ..

  12. Jas Bahadur Tamang

    So.. pretty 😍😍

  13. madihah mohamud

    I dont think you need makeup cuz u already pretty😭🥺

  14. juon pala파라

    you are so beautiful with Mike up or without him

  15. alana swift

    omg you're such an angle

  16. Neivarana Afiya

    You are so beautiful😊💕

  17. Marie Blanco

    You honestly look like a fairy

  18. Amalinosta sr

    Likely same as korean makeup but non-asian version.🤔

  19. Hillary Backes

    Hi Sissel, what camera and stand do you use to film? 🙂

  20. Giovanna Marinho

    you look absolutely stunning, I wish I could use this type of makeup but I have oily skin and I live in Brazil, so I have to cake my face with powder or my makeup won't last more than 3 min lol

  21. darya225

    first- be scandinavian

  22. Serra

    i love your natural makeup! i decided to use cream blush too after watching this video 🙂 by the way english is my second language but it's really easy to understand when you speak english because it's so clear 🙂

  23. 善神

    I want to see your sneeze

  24. Smiiaa

    As a norwegian I can relate! And yes, Sissel is right, masacara is the holy grail makeup Scandinavian people can't live without. I never leave my house without it! Unfortunately the trend of looking like a bratzdoll is becoming more popular..

  25. Eva Eilea

    Hi Sissel, that person stole your video and didn’t give your credit…. https://youtu.be/Ez_xeLNVync

  26. Emila Aleksandra

    Love the natural look! love from finland❤️

  27. Aaron Denise

    It is a trend here in Philippines a minimal look, you'll just use maximal make up look if there's a grand occasion you'll attend. Btw, I really love your videos keep it up! ❤️

  28. sugerdamsel 101

    You're so pretty omg can't help but get jealous 😓

  29. Only Alexe

    I love you
    my goal 1000 subscribers I need help

  30. Pwark Jisung

    She looks like dasha taran.

  31. Rylee Moreno

    What lipstick color are you wearing???

  32. maria larocca

    Does anyone know what vlog camera she uses?

  33. Nicole M.

    step 1: be pretty

  34. Sun Jade

    哇 你好美

  35. Linnea V

    As a Norwegian I feel called out on every single one of these steps, this is basically my entire makeup routine (except the foundation, as you mentioned, I haven't worn foundation in about 8 years)

  36. Priyanka Prasad

    Please do a video on what you eat in a day… 😊



  38. 해피맨

    시슬아 사랑한다

  39. Michaila S

    Why was I thinking 2020 was in the far future when I saw this

  40. Ana Luisa Jewelry

    This look is so versatile! It is definitely suitable for anyone and I must say it works perfectly with our jewelry ❤️

  41. Whatspoppinwhatsgucci?

    it’s hard when you have acne and scars 😔😔

  42. Terraena

    Very nice video 💕

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