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  1. Marie Katherine

    NEVER put glitter near your eyes. It's metal and may scratch your cornea!

  2. Ideas nowdothem

    AKA white girl hacks

  3. Sthitha Pragnya

    Dear thank you for sharing.
    Only some can be useful.
    Try more.

  4. The Apex Legend

    Sup guys its 1:35 AM i need sleep

  5. Beauty & Health Tips

    Is it harmful to the body or skin?


    The Vaseline will just make your eyelids oily. Raise your hand if you want a pimple on your eyelid!

  7. Empress Atheism

    Poor people

  8. Eilyng Marchena

    Muy buenos trucos

  9. Nirmani Wickramanayake

    I don't think nail Polish is good for eyes

  10. Philippines Best

    lady has a blue eye on the right and a green on the left..

  11. D He

    I am too

  12. Sabrina Reddington

    Good hacks but blue and orange nail polish don't match but good thinki

  13. Jasmine H

    Not putting nail polish on my eyes crazy idea

  14. Kyle blog

    Sub to sub

  15. Robert Hendry

    The thing were they put cling fill on there stomach instead of girdle is wrong. You'd get real sweaty

  16. D. H.

    he hack to reuse the nail polish bottle is fine EXCEPT for the order of it being shown. It is quite a long time into the video that it is shown the liquid is NOT nail polish but, another type of makeup. I am concerned that someone will in fact try putting nail polish as eye shadow because of this. Please remove the first time this hack is shown as it is dangerous to viewers and doesn’t add to the video content. Thank you.

  17. Ashley 445

    who needs exercise when you have scotch tape?

  18. 아무도 오지 않는깊은 산 속에

    Love yourself 🙁

  19. Nancy Varias


  20. Robin Griffin

    It's so funny how freckles have become the in thing….

  21. Chantal Stephens

    My mom made me wear lace stocking to church when I was little, so I'm used to short tights being worn over my stockings to keep them up.😶

  22. Dinithi Wathsala

    the last girl is the cutest

  23. Jayla's f the gf Vaihola

    If you put tape on your four head it will just make more wrinkles

  24. Ninjutsu Sage

    At 4:42 nobody needs to roll a shirt just put your hair in a ponytail. EASY!!!! DON'T HAVE TO MAKE IT DIFFICULT

  25. Missit

    Thanks 5 minute crafts for this. I also have anti-ageing hacks that you can try at home today. I believe we can entirely slow or entirely delay our ageing process. For example, when we stop doing these 10 things: https://youtu.be/AVBC3OZAwlI

  26. Florinel Iurum

    No commen

  27. Dhamodharan Aasai

    If u Indian like my commend………🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  28. Vishu Kaiwart

    Dude who put tape on the body

  29. Mia Stenquist Leithe

    Ehhh.. wow

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