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    9 pounds on vacation is worth it especially when the food good

  2. marvelous sweet411

    Keep it up but I must say dry fasting is not easy

  3. Taking Down Fat With Cdub

    24 hour dry good job

  4. Brandyn's Transformation

    Love your honesty, so many would fudge the numbers to what they wish it was. Keep on keeping it real!

  5. Maxi van Joy

    i saw the thumbnail and i just thought:whaaat 2 hours sauna??omg!!idk but sauna and me,we can't be friends..lol..love you,mieka❣you are amazing👍⬆️..yes,be happy‼

  6. nicholas white

    great job mieka thumbs up

  7. Losing Weight Over 50

    You did great, you enjoyed yourself and came back grinding! What is the point if we deny ourselves little pleasures once in a while! Good Luck with your continued success! ATB Amy

  8. Ale living life

    Thats great especially after a vacation with all that good food. Hope your vacation was fun 🏖🏝🍹

  9. Fire Rose

    I need to fast again, and every time I say I will I don't… WTF is going on with me? 🙄💖🔥🌹

  10. Keto Odyssey - Leslie Staubs

    Welcome Back! No worries with the weight gain, you were on vacation! Seriously though you’re so determined and we can all feel your determination and positive vibes, thank you for keeping it real 💪🙌

  11. Nikiti Rodgers

    Hello, doing so good…i can understand how you be tired, because I had a busy day yesterday myself…


    All that matters is you enjoyed your vacation. You got back and are after it. You will get back down in no time

  13. Nikki Speaks!


  14. A. B.D.

    I don’t know if you’re interested but aldi’s sells keto bread now it has zero carbs

  15. A. B.D.

    You are doing awesome

  16. Miss Nissy

    Keep on doing the great work sis!

  17. PMo

    Good job! That's some commitment sitting in the sauna that long 👍

  18. Iowa Mama

    You NEVER give up! Such an inspiration. Love you girl.

  19. The Soaring Seaward Family

    Well your back on it you should be happy i am glad u enjoyed your vacation

  20. The Soaring Seaward Family

    Lol what did u get lol lol

  21. The Soaring Seaward Family


  22. Brandeis Sports

    Glad you had a great trip.

  23. Michael W. Connor

    Love you Mieka! Keep pushing 🥰💯


    Hey Mieka

  25. JesseRobert Garza

    some times you just got to give in and enjoy happy your had a good time on your trip and are ready to get back to work, some days the videos just dont work with you either…. thanks for sharing.

  26. Arel Dia

    Congrats on owning your weight gain. Many people would not have come clean. The way you work out that will be gone and the memories were worth it!

  27. Kemecha Stupart

    U are amazing 😉 Keep it up 😃 Let’s Go!

  28. Mieka Fasting Weight Loss

    I said cookie but it wasn't really a cookie. It was more of a nut thing.

  29. Mieka Fasting Weight Loss

    Sorry I said I would say post vacation weigh in today. This was the best video I could do with the schedule I had today.

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