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  1. Izzy bless

    It's good to see some one that have the same problems I have.. Because I got frustrated when I went to the doctor .. They what to see one thing on the scale but you feel different in your clothes.. So it made me where I what to give up

  2. Jaweca@gmail.com Wells

    Tell her congratulations on starting her Journey thanks for showing us a plus size lady because I’m on the journey and will love to see some more stuff


    You got this angel 👼🏽❤️❤️

  4. MrsStokes

    Congrats angel, you took the 1st step.

  5. Mommy Needs A Time Out

    You got this angel, push through

  6. loving the natural me

    Go Angel you got this 💪🏾

  7. Roben Vallar

    You got this GF 💪💪

  8. Tunesia Denton


  9. Jasmine Burgess

    The whole time I was yelling at the screen “Come on Ang Come on Ang you got this” Thank you Magda for allowing us to see a woman of this size putting in work on your channel. I’m a heavier woman as well who’s trying to get fit and Ang you definitely did this not only for yourself but for me and all the other plus size women out here trying to get it together girl. PLEASE don’t stop. We’re watching you and rooting for you. Your journey will inspire. Keep at it girl. Push and if you can’t do it for yourself think about me because your journey has inspired me to keep going. I can do it no matter how hard it feels. Thanks to the both of you!!!!

  10. Rough & Rosey Thompson

    I’m doing this with you Angel! My daughter is 13 she’s in shape I have to lose 20lbs back at 135. It’s never to late and healthy is a lifestyle not a trend!!.❤️🙏🏾

  11. Jessica Polite

    I love that, all the way to the tree. Come on now you got this and don't cheat!!!😜🤷😄 I love Magda!!!

  12. Marlyne Jean-Pierre

    Can you train me?

  13. amber C

    ⭐️👍🏾Rooting for you Angel. Sending you lots of positivity and encouragement.

  14. Gina G

    Magda, please let Angel know we, I am standing behind her. She can do it! Let her read this message and be encouraged. This won't be easy. But it will be worth the journey to healthy fitness. Mind, body, and spirit. 🤗🤗💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  15. Tonia Thomas

    Hang in there..You have an awesome trainer..

  16. Patricia Martin

    Your daughter is just Gorgeous and Beautiful all rolled up into one… those cheeks are so so kissable 😋😋

  17. TarHeelMommy3

    Go Angel! You got this girl!



  19. Cynnoshah Johnson


  20. ilovejas2010

    Keep going Angel….Magsa you were so motivational….subscribers, the comments were soooo positive I love it!

  21. cherripj

    Go head Angel!

  22. LoverofmySoul

    Angel, you may not be lazy. It may be that you haven't found activities you're really motivated to do, but Ms Magda's got you. Now you're becoming our motivation.

  23. skeeta B2009

    You got it Angel!! One step, skip, hop, jump at a time! You'll look back at this and be so proud of yourself!!! ❤

  24. Fred Yao

    The neckband fan is cool

  25. Olivia Walker

    ..i need to workout with Angel too!

  26. Nisey

    This is what I've been looking for a YouTuber to do… to take us through a whole transformation from beginning to end. Would love to see meal planning for this client.

  27. Keeley Appiah

    This is very motivational. I hope we get to see Angel's 6 week journey. Angel, congrats on making the first steps. You got this girl💪🏾

  28. Patricia Johnson-Platt

    You can do it Angel Magda is great👊…Hey Paige😍
    I like the fact that Ralph is always near and Paige is always hanging on and with you guys…great parenting💕

  29. regina mapp

    I hope she hangs in there!

  30. Joannaa Joi

    You're sooo genuine !!! I love how motivational youu were !! Angel youu do got thiss like Big Sis said !! I'm going to be training w youu through the videos . 😂 Thankss for sharing w Us Queen !! 😊👑💪👏👏👏

  31. L Bell

    Love this! I am going to workout with yall. Angel and I on the same wave length at this very moment. Magda said 6 weeks so I am with ya ladies

  32. dalitza sanchez

    Go Angel! You can do this, we just have to push yourself! Build those good habits for your generations to come!

  33. Danielle Johnson

    I love how this comment section give out encouragement and best wishes to Angel! So sweet. Best comment section on YouTube!

  34. kissing friend

    Magda,you are such a great trainer,so helpful and concerned and I know if Angel do what you need her to do she will win,and tell Paige I say hey.

  35. Royal n

    Angel has inspired me to get up off this couch!!! She is so strong to allow herself to be filmed while starting her knew weight loss journey. Go Angel!!!

  36. Breezlee

    She has an excellent trainer in Magda! She'll do great.

  37. Niki

    Magda you are so wonderful & I am happy she is starting her journey. Paige is soooo adorable❣❣

  38. cincybest

    Go Angel you can do this !!! Just know you have a channel full of supporters with you!

  39. Latoya Williams

    I'm going to do this with you angel. And I have a lot more weight
    to lose and I'm older. So I'm just going to stay prayed up so I can keep my mind motivated to lose this weight.

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