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  1. Regina Owens

    Wow I'm a new subscriber and I love your passion and drive for helping those of us that are struggling. What exercise can I do that's not damaging to my already damaged knees. Thanks for the motivation.

  2. Nicole Wolf

    This is raw uncut and keeping it realistic 💯very information…. keep pushing through Angel you got this with a great trainer 💪 by your side I salute you Magda Civil…..

  3. Genuwine6799G

    I’ve always loved Cocoa Puffs………( the fit one)

  4. Deneisha Burnett

    Proud of you!!! Keep pushing

  5. Kiki jean

    This was excellent! Everything about it.

  6. love Jesus w

    Magda can u train me I’m in Chicago but can u help me on some pointers please

  7. K Jay

    Great motivation

  8. Mom Life

    Very helpful information. Cute baby distraction….Gorgeous.

  9. ice water

    The world is watching hun . You got this. We want this for you too. Everytime i see the video is about you i click so fast. You move with purpose, make every step count. Dont give up. Excited about your progress. Excited about the new lease on life. ❤❤❤

  10. Laams Martin

    Let Angel know that she might want to wear two bras. I have large breast 40 DDD so I wear a tight fitted bra and put a sports bra on top. Esp. doing jumping jacks and jump rope.

  11. Crystal Cox

    You see the baby talking to her too💕

  12. Olivia Walker


  13. Tren

    Way to go Angel!! The ending was deep coming from a mental health therapist. Keep pushing giirrrrlll💛

  14. 78 Vette

    Have you ever thought of fasting or intermittent fasting for her. It was definitely a game changer for me. Reducing insulin levels helped greatly. In 6 days of water fasting I dropped 13 pounds and I still did my workouts but not super heavy

  15. Olivia Davis

    Miss angel you need to drop the attitude You truly have a good a** trainer You are blessed girl you better get that Work in

  16. Gazellela E

    Félicitation Magda it's agood thing you do🙏

  17. Olivia Davis

    You are truly a blessing to those who need your help your knowledge met annoying about health and meals I'm truly try to get my health back in orde..may god continue to bless you For your annoying and understanding about health and helping people… Keep up the good work You are truly a inspiration to those who know you and to those you help… Keep up the good work my sister

  18. ItsQueendom

    Didn’t know she was in jersey my home state wow good to know

  19. Nasha Pierre

    Magda can you do a video or live on Bodybuilding tips?? I think I asked before or do you have one out there on building muscle and toning body

  20. D. Cole

    Your daughter 😁 when the young lady asked if she could get water- your daughter nodded yes before you could even answer. She’s helping mama train!

  21. First Lady

    Thank you

  22. Oteria Williams

    Great job Angel!!!! Read the comments "WE GOT YOU"

  23. Evette Randel

    Paige, is learning to be a trainer.. She has a baby 🥛 tummy.. she going to have to do some sit-ups to.. lol I almost wish you were here so I could train with you !

  24. gertrude etta

    Magda please share your hair secrets. Looking very nice, thick, and shiny

  25. L Bell

    End of the world comment is what I needed. I have kids and I think about that. In this day and age you never know when you need to run to save your life. Plus I need to be able to carry a kid or two if need be.

  26. Black Butterfly

    Angel, you got this girl! You are going to go places, particularly mentally, that you've never been and you'll be an even better person 🤗 I'm so proud of you. Much love from Maryland 💚💚💚

  27. Marcia M

    Stay strong Angel! You're doing great! Thanks Magda for always bringing great content

  28. Shumiko Fields

    Go Angel you can do it!!!!!!!!

  29. Shannon Bright

    Magda I need you in my life… so inspiring.. she got this

  30. L Rice

    Omg I needed to hear that.. "you're eating meals you haven't earned, we're still on a goal"!!! Love that

  31. NaNa the queen

    Good job Angel you doing great.It takes a lot of courage to do what u are doing right now.

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