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  1. Lisa Reed

    Girl, you do not need to lose 25 pounds! you look great!

  2. Cassidy Quirk

    The meals look so yummy 😋

  3. BelloYello Pink

    On Pinterest Its a Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken Recipe It Takes 3 Hrs 2 Cook N The Slow Cooker.. EASY PEE Z.. 2lbs Of Chicken Breast, 1 Cup Bbq Sauce, 1/4 cup Of Brown Sugar, Worcestershire Sauce 1tbsp, a Dusting Of Seasoning Of Ur Choice I Used Black Pepper & McCormick Steak Seasoning.. Easy MEALLLLLLLLL Only Take 2-3 Hrs On High Mine Was Done n 2 hr & Lik 20mins EAZYYYYYYY

  4. Desiree Evelyn

    Gurrrl, your yes looking super sexy..

  5. Mari Mari

    Thankyou Jordan loves this kind of videos gives me motivation

  6. rosemarie zolis

    Yes! i was waiting for your meal prep video. Thanks for the meal ideas. Yummy!! Xo

  7. Kristina Marquez

    I love your hair that color! I hope u keep it a warm blonde. I say that because a white blonde wouldn't look right, u have warm tone skin. What ever race u are is very beautiful. I love exotic looks,u are blessed.

  8. LifeWithJD

    will for sure be cooking this next week

  9. See Kat Do

    Super affordable, thanks sis!

  10. Cristin Sierra

    You can cook the BBQ chicken in about 3 min in the microwave. It has instructions on the package.

  11. Kaylalovesjuan

    I miss videos like this 🙌🏼😻

  12. Stephanie Chacon

    How did you like doing Keto? Do you think you'll ever do that again?

  13. Miss _lene24

    Before I finish watching this Uh can you do a makeup tutorial on this look? 😊 I don’t think I’ve seen that eye look before

  14. Anisa Briana

    Just want to say i do NOT think you need to lose 25 lbs to look or be healthy!!! You are beautiful 💖

  15. Chaya Palm

    Ok I have a question, what does your son eat when youre meal prepping? Do you prep for him too? I have a family of 4 so curiioouusss

  16. Alyssa Cardenas

    I am so happy for this video !! I really miss your old videos !!!

  17. Crystal Jennings

    You do not need to lose 20 more pounds. Jordan girl, I love you but you need to stop 😂

  18. Alethea Todaro

    Girl you had me at Aldi 🔥🔥🔥! That's my favorite grocery store

  19. Yesenia Cruz

    Happy new year Jordan! Honestly haven't watched any of your videos for a while now. Glad to be back and happy to hear you still so positive!

  20. danielle88

    PSA – please do not heat up anything with Brussel sprouts at work!! You may be fired for making the office smell like farts. 😂

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