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  1. moira manoban

    In their other videos, they wanted freckles. And in the video, she doesn't want freckles?!?!?

  2. Asit Bhowmick

    Always same hack

  3. Ava Robbins

    Freckles aren’t really bad. My friend has them and they are really cute

  4. consuelo llanos rojas

    Like si te gustaron las ideas

  5. Isabella Estrada


  6. Ayesha Siddiqa


  7. iasmim ramos

    liked it

  8. Ramona Pineda Bonseñor

    ⭐⭐⭐funsiona megusta mucho estos videos

  9. Vibe zones


  10. desenho animados

    Amoo amoo amoo esse canal

  11. Poppy Latchford

    0.24 freckles aren’t a bad thing thou, as a person who has them I think it adds character 🙂

  12. Sopheara Em


  13. CookieMonsterEdits •w•

    Family friendly troom troom (5:45)

  14. Jo Morgan

    Who comes up with some of these concoctions??? 🤔😂

  15. Keanne Lee

    First of all… Please don't eliminate your freckles they're beautiful.

  16. Arshiya

    Amazing video

  17. Ana Júlia

    amo 5- minutes craft melhor canal

  18. Brenda Castro

    Auxilio me desmayo el último que le dé like será millonario 👍👍

  19. Lucky Qureshi

    Pls tell something about to remove warts

  20. Andrew Hopkins

    There is nothing wrong with freckles I love them ♥️

  21. Diário da Manu Mi


  22. قتيبة طه

    انا بدي ترجمة سورية

  23. Tushar Itoz

    So good video

  24. Radinda Naufatun

    hello, i love the five minute craft ….. i'm from indonesia, warm greetings from indonesia huh .. friends …

  25. Toshi Official

    To whoever reading this…

    I wish you all the best
    You are the best
    You are perfect
    You are YOURSELF
    NO haters should let you down

    ❤️Love you all brothers and sisters❤️

    Btw 😉

    I am on 761 subs
    It would be great if i get more 🌺🌹🌸 💕

  26. Renata Villanueva

    Me quede solprendida

  27. Iqbal Querishi

    Nice video and useful also 😇😇😇😉😉😉😉😉😀😊

  28. Malia James

    I’m like early

  29. Sweet Fairy

    I the first person to like your videos please do a QNA video pleaseeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  30. _.georgia._ _.liaptsi._

    Oyoyoyoyoyoy teleioo😂

  31. Nahomy Arce

    Soy la segunda mandame saludos yme das un corazon pliss

  32. 500 subs for an upload

    Who clicked on this realising they were a boy? 😂

  33. Aduri Naga Mallika

    Super i love make up ideas

  34. Nancy Choudhary


  35. Valeria Vega López

    Qué padre vídeo me sirven muchos sigan así plis,😉😉😉

  36. Maneesha Mishra


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