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  1. Nigel Moss

    God is calling you!
    I see it Brother!
    I am praying for your furture and understanding!
    As I write this I am on Day 14
    of a water fast!
    Much Love in Jesus Name !

  2. Joseph Greenwald

    It called fat lose

  3. Abana nado

    You look sick don't really know if that's healthy, tbh you look much healthier now 😉

  4. guy thats rich

    Who wants to do this with we can talk about our progress and keep each other as motivation

  5. Mommy Roar Lynne

    For people who never done fasting, people can joke all they want.
    28 days. That’s amazing. I am practicing of fasting. Fasting has so much benefits! Lots time i eat because the food is there. It is not even because of hunger. Which is not right.

  6. Robin Arden

    I just started day 2 of my 28 day fast. Drinking nothing but distilled water. (Not even cleaning my teeth). Christmas day will be day 12, final day will be 18th Jan. (Start day was Friday the 13th.)

  7. Alistair Stewart

    no salt? That sounds kind of dangerous if you were doing any kind of training, but interesting that you tried it

  8. French Frys

    No electrolytes? Wow your really stupid.

  9. Home Skillet

    Mirrors are checking for boogies

  10. Home Skillet

    Your already thin. What's the point

  11. Ketogenic Knowledge

    Why no sodium or potassium?

  12. Brehon Mills -The Stock Investor

    28 day fast? You cannot be participating in any physical activity.

  13. kristin suarez

    This is absolutely everything I've been feeling preparing for my fast! I'm searching for that inner peace that connecting to the oneness, self! My friends and family are scared and judging, after breaking a 15yr relationship I'm looking to heal my body mind and spirit and this is calling me. I'm meditating and praying so much more. I'm ready!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience ❤

  14. Mike DeCarlo

    I want to do this. Just read something that you can die from fasting and it scared the shit out of me 😂 what are ways to make sure you are healthly and okay doing this???

  15. LadywisdomRDM55

    I'm 51hrs into 7 days, I want to do 30 but I'm thinking I can make it to 7. We shall see. Congrats on your accomplishments.

  16. Teriah R

    I want to start a fast

  17. Raj M

    This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Gua Sha so thank you for turning me on to that. It’s exactly the type of thing I was looking for for years but didn’t know the word for it

  18. Toby Saman

    godbless for the inspiration

  19. Jenilyn Gray

    So glad i found your video…currently day 15 of a 30 day water fast…it's nice to know the benefits I'm seeing are shared. Thanks for sharing and encouraging others on their journey! Blessed be

  20. Lying Eyes

    If a person doesn’t care about how you look, they don’t care about you. Because the physical is a reflection of health

  21. Mimi

    I've done a 1/2 day water fast and I thought I was going to literally die. 28 days wow

  22. 0nes And Zer0s

    Jeez no coffee either huh? Respect.

  23. Mary Nu

    I have done a 3 day and a 5 day- I"m working up to something bigger / great video !


    Yes!!! I needed this video. You speak truth. Thank you!

  25. Don’t check me check your credit score

    Amazing video from a fellow faster…people have no idea until they experience it

  26. Marley Banks

    Im doing about 5 1/2 days right now. I’m on day 3, this is inspiring me to
    keep going, I have such a long journey ahead of me

  27. Drew Collins

    What about the bacteria buildup in that bottle?! Did you use the same bottle every day did you boil it good everyday?

  28. Andrew Roberts

    Distilled water is toxic. He probably means filtered water.

  29. Paul Williams

    To wired but what ever works only thing I agree with is feeling better. The whole distilled water thing I think is crap. But glad the whole feeling better is cool. I feel much better when I fast. And yes we use very much energy to digest food.

  30. Susan Chapman

    All you did was talk a lot of crap. You are a deciever.

  31. Down Right Fierce RARE

    Can we do sugar free gum for the mineral taste in the mouth?
    & is it safe to do a 30 day fast?

  32. Pagan Sky

    Why distilled water and why glass containers

  33. Pagan Sky

    Great video thanks for sharing

  34. Hot Water

    So you wouldn't recommend it then. Haha

  35. Andy15 Z

    Thank u man. I am from India. Our ancient learned men used to do that. There are still many people here who do that but somehow or the other this practices are getting lost in todays so called modern world. I am into day 2 of water fasting. Hoping to reach day 7 and then take it from there. Namaste.

  36. Sunlight

    Are you British ?

  37. Inspire Yourself with Danielle Lovelight


  38. Suburp212

    why distilled water? To lower the low metal ions in your blood?

  39. Caitlyn K

    I have met people in life who were glowing and very spiritual that did not have the healthiest diet. They didn't eat processed foods but they still didn't eat healthy. I completely agree with the necessity of finding a sense of connection to the world but I think it is foolish to throw out science because of how you feel. I think, like Einstein, we need a balance of the spiritual and the practical. I went to school for biotech but can admit that there are many things we can't explain with science. I once had reiki done on me and the person told me I was going to have a knee issue and a couple months later my knee started giving out on me everyday

  40. ricenaomi

    Play at 2x speed and it’ll be amazingly normal.

  41. crouchxn

    A really good video!

  42. Matthew Oakley

    Since you sweat salt, isn't it dangerous to drink only distilled water?

  43. Marian M

    I just started my journey! I'm on dat 2 of 21 day fast. I'm also sharing my journey!

  44. Carlos

    My own bias and personal opinon; you should’ve ended the fast around this time, you still looked in good shape here and unaffected psychologically.

  45. Carlos

    Luis Gámez
    I water fasted 26 days unsupervised; I didn’t have enough body fat to attempt such a feat and I also couldn’t expel all the toxins from losing 30 lbs. I almost died. I didnt sleep for the last 6 days of the fast and then after I started refeeding, then for about 4 months i got less than 2 hours of sleep per night on average, with many sleepless nights all throughout, ended up at the ER a few times. All a chain effect from a water fast I attempted without any professional advice or experience. So many things I would do differently and teach the warning signs to others. I’m still suffering the consequences of this and hoping I can recover.

  46. careena chase

    you look great Tim; I am getting ready to do a water fast. Thank You for sharing.

  47. mad jimmy

    Awesome 👍

  48. Jamil Hoops

    I did a 40 day fast last year, now I am writing a book on fasting. Follow my Instagram @jamelanin

  49. George Cole

    "toxins" mate, you're talking nonsense

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