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  1. r d

    Can you drink wehn you fast in the first method?

  2. Robii Gorgievski

    Not eating for seven days and no protein shakes as well how do I train Henry is it healthy??

  3. Jake Wickett

    Doing OMAD… working great… Does MIO or other zero calorie water enhancers mess with my fast?

  4. Tyler Ka6

    I wasted my time watching this video

  5. William Scott

    I’ve tried every diet in the book and tbh, it’s not all that complicated. Just eat what you think is healthy, as long as you have enough patience you’ll get down in weight eventually.

  6. sickboy 4life

    Not gonna lie I'm a gamer im fat but I only eat once a day but for some reason I get full eating so fast

  7. BLiNKSA

    i would choose #2

  8. URyan99

    Well, in Ramadan, i guess i will be doing some sports, During fasting

  9. Mr. Games

    2-7 day fast?

    Ight ima head out

  10. C'Sandy Carrahlynn

    I’m totally combining carb cycling with IF

  11. DrFrankEPT

    To begin with, I use 25 units of insulin at night each day, so my question would be, which fasting would you recommend with me starting on a daily régimen? Thanks un advance

  12. Timmy Donlon

    Does the fasting method include sleeping?

  13. Adan Rayner

    I don't get fasting? So it's ok for your body to be in starvation mode the whole time?

  14. vanessa wishdoom

    You are a clown dear with your fasting….. poor guy…

  15. All Products Quality Review

    An impressive share!

  16. daniel Laswell

    No way I'm doin this bullshit

  17. Badass Dan

    He’s not telling you to starve yourself, I managed to lose a lot of unwanted weight and not cut out the foods I enjoyed due to this strategy and for me it really isn’t hard to not eat for however many hours and to only eat in a certain timeframe. Now I’m starting to get serious about it though and really drop off the lingering belly and side and gain muscle so we’ll see how I go.

  18. Zach Mitchell

    It's called being in a caloric deficit. Every diet works as long as you're in a deficit

  19. Nomaan mehdi

    Fasting is easy for me cuz I'm Muslim

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    An impressive share!

  21. Texan Football Houston

    I'm going to eat better not eat to bad but still eat just work out more

  22. Ronie Hazarika

    Can we workout during fed state because it is difficult to workout at the morning for college students

  23. Kane6676

    I tried carb cycling. Does not work. I feel like crap after eating carbs. I sweat like crazy the day after and i gain everything back I’ve lost from the week of Eating low carb

  24. All Products Quality Review

    I absolutely enjoyed every bit of this video.

  25. Josh Hatelie

    Hey mate I really enjoy your videos especially the weight loss ones which I know are most of them. I'm an insulin dependent diabetic who is trying to get back into shape. I've started lifting heavy weights which you had recommended but I'm still struggling with my highs and low blood sugar levels. Now I know you're not a doctor but I was wondering if you had any experience training others with diabetes? If so maybe you could make a video regarding this for which I'd be, and I'm sure other diabetics would be extremely grateful for. Thanks J.

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