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  1. Scott M

    I'm a fetus and my back already hurts


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  3. green seeds

    My Favorite Way to Help Relieve Back Pain

  4. nagesh poorna

    Everyone experiences back pain at least once in their lifetime and this can be due to a there improper sitting position or due to an underlying cause. If this isn’t real it can affect your normal daily activities. So Homeocare International offers the best solution for you with their homeopathy treatment.

  5. Sidhant Mahajan

    If you have lower back pain, you are not alone. About 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetimes. It is the most common cause .

  6. Manoj Davari

    I last 4 years suffering lower back pain . If I standing long time , running & riding bike then increased lower back pain. So please guide me, which exercise avoid me…

  7. Guwap Boi

    Toot that ass up

  8. Brazyliax Wynter

    I started having full back pains when I was 4 now I’m having pain all over my body!

  9. Hewer

    Ḯ ạṃ ṿḙṛỵ ḥạṗṗỵ & ḡṛạṭḙḟụḷ ṭḥạṭ ṃợṇḙỵ ḉợṃḙṣ ṭợ ṃḙ ḯṇ ḯṇḉṛḙạṣḯṇḡ qụạṇṭḯṭḯḙṣ ḟṛợṃ ṃạṇỵ ṣợụṛḉḙṣ ợṇ ạ ḉợṇṭḯṇụợụṣ ḅạṣḯṣ https://bit.ly/2UFI4fv?-EWda3esw3csde

  10. Moonlight_ Bhaddie

    My back tensed up hella hard today because I was stretching 2 hard and its been hurting. My grandma said to have a hot shower but I guess I'm still worried that it won't go away

  11. Harry Rracts


  12. Rudha Alhussain

    I’m 10 I im 300

  13. Alec 14

    L U M B A G O

  14. MovieDossier

    Any gamers here who have back pain.

  15. J O N A T H A N


  16. Rekha Pradhan

    Back pain

  17. Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG

    i'm fucking 25 and got a job finally from NEET depression but I ashamed of myself when back pain reduce my focus on my new job…

  18. Twilight Studios

    I like to draw and most the time I will do it while sitting in my bed, leaning over my sketchbook. I get lower back pain from this a lot and the first one really helped! Thanks to this video I know how to get rid of my pains.

  19. Jackie Zou

    Well shit my backpack is like 30%

  20. Alexa Laguna-Quinonez

    I'm only 13 and my back is killing me 😭

  21. Pain Management NYC

    Great video, I had also this back pain and I get the services of @t

  22. Himanshu Punj

    I took steve young's back pain free masterbook and it really works.Suggest you to give it a read https://bit.ly/2HknFKr

  23. King_Toxic 722

    I am 12 and my back hurts it’s hard for me to run or jump

  24. Tamil Influencer

    I’m 35 and I already had a severe form of sciatica PAIN. Thank god, I’ve got rid of it.

    As a busy person I had no time to hire professional therapist, get massages or acupuncture or do yoga lessons.

    I remember my pain as a worst nightmare, I can’t even fall asleep back then… So I did a research to find a way that could help me to cure my sciatica condition and I found one.

    It’s a ebook which was written by a former sciatica sufferer Glen who cured his sciatica in only one week. Cool isn’t it?. So I gave a shot it a try. I followed everything carefully and now I’m happy to say that I’m free from Sciatica!

    I forgot to mention that the treatment lasted for me only 4 days. I think you can’t believe right now and probably thinking that I’m talking bull** here. Well, I was skeptical too, but now I can definitely say that purchasing that book was the very best decision that I’ve done in my life.

    I left a link below so you can read a review of that book and find out what’s all about:


    I hope this will help someone as much as it did for me..Have a bright bright future 😘

  25. shri rao

    I had severe back pain for 12 years. After trying almost everything like medicines, body massage, exercise, I bought an orthopedic mattress. Its been 2 months I am using it and I got so much relief from my back pain. I would recommend wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattress for people who have back pain issues. http://www.wakefit.co

  26. Macknize Fields

    I'm 11 and have lower back pain

  27. Harinder Gill

    After that road accident, my back used to pain and the pain lingered on for many days. I used to find relief by having painkillers, but I needed a permanent cure. One day while surfing the net I landed at a place called #planetayurveda and got Joint Aid Plus. Now I am enjoying life in a better way. If your back is paining better watch

  28. Bangalore Motherchod

    I am 21 years old and here am i

  29. Aalia Ahmed

    14 and in pain

  30. Redneck Rooster 98

    I work at tire shop. Have lower back pain for two years. But only worked tire shop for three months. Is there a way besides yoga like exercises to help get lower back pain to relax before working out in weight room!!?

  31. Tech and Gadgets

    I am 21 but suffering from it

  32. ToxicEvilHD

    im 16 and have major back pain fml. Also she said from weak lower back muscles, but I damaged it from doing deadlifts and that which are meant for strengthening back muscles

  33. Cressida Hopoi

    my back is hurting me now I need to get rid of the pain now

  34. Uncle

    Oh I’ve got Lumbago. It’s very serious!

  35. TriggeredBeetle

    That LUMBAGO

  36. Walt White

    Search Stuart McGill's Big 3

  37. joe hendrix

    Just like women. Chatting forever instead of getting to the exercise.

  38. Sonu sonu

    I wish to join an Gym.. But my back pain !!!!! 😢

  39. Rose Marie Barrientos

    That's all good when you're not in inflamed, but some should only be done for strengthening, not to alleviate. The "toe marching" for example, would definitely hurt you if your core is not already solid. Careful out there!

  40. Ogugu Nyandika

    An inversion table works the best Guys. Even better is this one that has a massage function to it. Check it out in the link below


    I'm 13 and I fell in my back while skateboarding and now time to time my back starts to hurt

  42. UnivocalBrake

    It didn't work for me, my whole back and my right hand is having so much pain when i breath at my mouth

  43. Berserk Content

    L U M B A G O

  44. Ice Cream •

    12 years old,Tons of book to bring to skool
    Bacc pain

  45. Lenka

    Note: stretch band is for strengthening and solid band is for stretch.

  46. R b


  47. F

    Dying from low back pain😭

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