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  1. Lumos Maxima

    Wow she’s so inspiring! 😌🥰

  2. Amanda Zigshane

    Keep following your dreams and wish you the best Jonna😘

  3. Olivia Drobny

    she seems hella cool

  4. claudia lawrence

    Strong and confident with pretty eyes.😚

  5. Missy Citty

    She is so sweet and Very very pretty.
    I wish her nothing but an Amazing life. ♥️♥️

  6. Chubala Aier

    Wow…she s very smart & lovely

  7. Emily Gilbey

    Omg if at 3feet is if a guy is mean you can punch him in the balls! You go girl!!!

  8. Mouthy Mama

    Someone get this girl a Mini Cooper lol! She’s so cute.

  9. Tonya Head

    She does real good at dance

  10. RedPanda Syke

    She sounds like she constantly has the sniffles.

  11. Michele Jordan

    I dance for like 2 minutes I can’t breathe. And I’m 5 foot 3 inches. 110 lbs. It’s natural. Soooooooo… Since I never had to exercise, I’m horribly out of shape!

  12. money

    Omg she’s on TikTok

  13. Sarah Black

    Is no one gonna talk about how pretty she is???

  14. Miki N

    love her energy!

  15. Sittin & Bitchin

    Get it girl !!!!!!!❤💋❤💋❤💋

  16. venice bitch

    I thought this was trisha paytas lmao

  17. Michele Jordan

    She’s way cuter and and put together than I am. I hate to even look in the mirror. I have a lot of respect for her. I hope she never stops.

  18. Uneke Gardner

    She's on tiktok

  19. matzohgirl

    She is a great dancer! Her moves are good!

  20. Just Jokes

    I want her to be my friend! She seems so nice! 😁

  21. Martin Ekert

    I'd be more concerned about the fact she is morbidly obese… that really can't be good for her medical conditions.

  22. L. Hersh

    I think you zre AWESOME! Im 5'10" and i dont have 1/2 your confidence. 😄

  23. Elise

    I love you! You are such an inspiration! Being small doesn't stop you from anything. Strong woman!!!

  24. Blanca Flores

    Porque se graban

  25. #My3SONS BLADE

    Your effortlessly beautiful! I admire you and your confidence! You seem so positive and could imagine being good buds with you! Your confidence is incredible and I adore you and telling your story! I went through addiction and still hard so you are inspiring! Keep your head up… You deserve the best!

  26. Blanca Flores

    Que cosa es esto

  27. Jeffrey C

    She's beautiful

  28. She sounds like peridot from Steven universe

  29. Nat Terrazas

    I also want to be her friend 😭

  30. 🎵 “hold me closer tiny dancer” 🎶

  31. antonia charles

    Love the level of confidence you got…..keep shinning baby girl

  32. Katie Takeuchi

    Midget and dwarf sound like they are both wrong words…no?

  33. Jewwy Fooguhsun

    A meter is 3'3" and some change. She's not as tall as a meter. One day she'll learn.

  34. Katie Takeuchi

    I think about her struggle and I find the strength in myself.

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